DC Libertarian Party fundraiser Saturday

31 Mar

D.C. Libertarian Party kickoff reception

Saturday, April 6, 2013
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Rob Kampia’s Purple Mansion
1000 Park Road NW
Washington DC 20010
Will you attend?

Yes Maybe No

  • Rob Kampia’s Purple Mansion, 1000 Park Road NW

  • Thanks to Bruce Majors’s campaign for the U.S. House this past fall, the Libertarian Party is now a major party in D.C. — for the first time ever. (This means adults in D.C. can now register to vote as Libertarians.)

    There are only 19 months left to ensure that the Libertarian Party maintains its major-party status in D.C. (The other three major parties are the Democratic, Republican, and D.C. Statehood Green Parties.)

    Please join us to enjoy libations and help fill the D.C. Libertarian Party’s coffers. The price at the door is $40, with a discount rate of $20 for college students.

    The goal is to continue building the libertarian machine in D.C., for the purpose of (1) injecting libertarian principles into local news coverage, (2) increasing the number of people who register as Libertarian Party voters in D.C., (3) helping a minimum of one Libertarian Party candidate attract at least 7,500 votes in November 2014 in order to maintain major-party status for the local Libertarian Party, and (4) eventually electing a Libertarian Party candidate to the D.C. city council.

    Please help make this happen! Thank you …

    RSVP to


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