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IRS ‘n’ da hood

31 May

Another tea party opponent in a lily white, exclusive neighborhood, almost universally true from Andrea Mitchell, to Chris Matthews, to Jay Carney, to Hilary Rosen, to David Gregory, to Dana Milbank, to Eugene Robinson, to …

Mark Schmidter Legal Defense

31 May
100 days ago Mark Schmidter began his 141-day jail sentence. His crime? He handed out this jury rights flyer (PDF) to passersby on the sidewalk outside the Orange County Courthouse in Florida. This was something he’d done openly many times before at the same courthouse.
Click to visit “We Are Mark Schmidter” Facebook page
But in the summer of 2011, Schmidter was arrested for flyering outside a designated “free speech zone.” This zone was ordered by Judge Belvin Perry during the Casey Anthony trial, which he presided over. A crafty enemy of jury rights advocacy, Perry had drafted another administrative order (PDF) earlier that year banning “the dissemination of leaflets and other materials containing written information tending to influence summoned jurors as they enter the courthouse.”
In a scandalous display of unchecked power — mostly overshadowed by the Casey Anthony frenzy — Judge Perry arrested Schmidter for violating his administrative orders. He then charged him with felony contempt of court and jury tampering. Then, after denying him access to a jury trial (naturally), Perry convicted and sentenced Schmidter to 141 days in jail!
Schmidter’s appeal is pending with the Florida Supreme Court. It will cost about $10,000 to mount a strong litigation effort. Please help give Mark’s legal defense team the resources they need to overturn Judge Perry’s unconstitutional power grab.

2 Ways to Donate to Mark Schmidter’s Defense Fund:

  1. Via to
  2. Send checks to:
    The Mark Schmidter Legal Defense Fund
    c/o Sudbury Law, PL
    424 E Central Blvd #307
    Orlando, FL 32801-1923
    (More donation info here.)
Flex Your Rights has donated $100 — or one dollar for every day Mark’s been in jail. I hope you will donate too. Because justice isn’t free.

Yours in Liberty & Justice,


P.S. Please “like” and share the “We Are Mark Schmidter” Legal Defense Fund page on Facebook. (Lots more interesting info there too.)

P.P.S. As you might already know, I’m working to produce our next web video on jury rights. Once online, it will live in a “free speech zone” far beyond Judge Perry’s reach!

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Eric Holder is Obama’s Human Shield: Nick Gillespie in Daily Beast

31 May

Eric Holder is Obama’s Human Shield: Nick Gillespie in Daily Beast

Gary Johnson Says Reaching Election Day in 2012 "was kind of like being let out of prison”

31 May

Gary Johnson Says Reaching Election Day in 2012 “was kind of like being let out of prison”

Gary Johnson Says Reaching Election Day in 2012 "was kind of like being let out of prison”

31 May

Gary Johnson Says Reaching Election Day in 2012 “was kind of like being let out of prison”

Paternally Star Wars: Celebrate Vader’s Day. Take Care of the Darth in Your Life with a Massive ThinkGeek Prize Package. | Nerdist News

31 May

Paternally Star Wars: Celebrate Vader’s Day. Take Care of the Darth in Your Life with a Massive ThinkGeek Prize Package. | Nerdist News

Are Obama supporters on the Internet chastened by IRS harassment and DOJ spying scandals?

31 May
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Republicans. Ya gotta love ’em. Since they can’t win with ideas, they’ll just kill everybody who disagrees with them.

The only good Republican is a dead Republican.

Special Report: 112th Congress Muffled Washington’s Spending Boom, New Study of Fiscal Legislation Reveals

30 May
Vol. 4 Issue 19 May 29, 2013

Special Report: 112th Congress Muffled Washington’s Spending Boom, New Study of Fiscal Legislation Reveals

Yesterday, National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) released itscomplete BillTally report for the 112th Congress. Among a host of key findings from this unique, exclusive project, BillTally discovered that across both parties and both chambers of Congress, the legislative agenda of the 112th took a turn away from big spending, despite significant disagreement.
From trillion-dollar proposals to expand government’s role in health care to plans for a second “stimulus” package, the 112th Congress proposed more than $2.5 trillion worth of budget increases and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. NTUF’s BillTally report covers all the fiscal facts and figures from lawmakers’ basic bill-writing behavior that shed light on the most important policy challenges of our time.
“Our new BillTally analysis shows the electoral response to Washington’s record spending trends did stem the flow of budget increases over the past two years,” said NTUF Director of Research Demian Brady. “Even though BillTally data can say as much about past Congresses as the most recent one, there’s no denying lawmakers’ agendas have shifted toward cuts and more moderate spending agendas.”
BillTally is the most methodical and comprehensive study of Congressional spending legislation. Since 1991, the NTUF project has computed a “net annual agenda” based on each Senator’s or Representative’s individual sponsorship or co-sponsorship of legislation. This unique approach provides an in-depth look at the fiscal behavior of lawmakers, free from the influence of committees, party leaders, and rules surrounding floor votes. All cost estimates for bills are obtained from third-party sources, Congress Members’ offices, or are calculated from neutral data.
Highlights from NTUF’s report on the 112th Congress include:

  • For the first time in 12 years there were more in Congress who wanted to cut spending overall than those who sought to drastically increase spending (by over $100 billion).
  • For the first time NTUF calculated the net cost of the House’s and Senate’s combined legislative agenda (excluding duplicates and overlaps), determining that if all fiscal legislation (cuts & increases with at least a $1 million impact) were passed, the federal budget would rise $1.3 trillion.
  • If Members of Congress passed all the spending cuts they drafted, the bulk of which were left on the table in the 112th, they could have saved $1.2 trillion (provided they also abstained from enacting any spending increases).
  • The Senate saw the biggest turnaround in agendas between the 111th and 112th Congresses: the average Democrat proposed a net agenda of $39 billion – down by $157 billion from the previous Congress. Senate Republicans shifted all the way to a $273 billion average savings agenda from a $25 billion spending agenda during the previous Congress – about 12 times less spending!
  • In the House, Democrats bucked the overall trend by totaling around $20 billion more in spending proposals than they did during the prior Congress, for a $556 billion average. House GOP Members more than doubled the savings of their colleagues in the prior Congress, with $169 billion in budget reductions.
  • For all the talk about the GOP’s increased focus on reducing spending, the party’s net Congressional agenda would still only slash the federal budget by 5 percent.
  • Republican freshmen, on average, called for more net budget savings than returning Republicans. First-time Senate Democrats proposed more spending than their veteran colleagues, though in the House freshmen had somewhat smaller agendas than senior Democrats.
  • Proposals related to health care had the highest average annual cost at $18.2 billion. The biggest contributors were single-payer health care via the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act ($1.16 trillion), and the American Health Security Act of 2011 ($796.7 billion). Both were largely supported by Democrats.
  • While the Tea Party was being interrogated by the IRS, their namesake caucus in the House was leading the way on spending cuts. Their Members’ average net agenda would save $234 billion.
    • The Republican Study Committee followed with a $209 billion average savings agenda. While the Progressive caucus supported the most spending increases for an average agenda of more than $1 trillion.
    • Additionally, the Blue Dog caucus is nearly an extinct breed, with only 24 members accounted for in BillTally, but they proposed the most moderate Democratic spending agenda at $86 billion.

“We are seeing that most Members of Congress have scaled back the cost of their legislative agendas. However, there is a growing polarity between those calling for more spending and those who are ‘net cutters’. Because of this, a lot of budget cuts were left on the table at the conclusion of the 112th Congress. Without bipartisan agreement to enact some real spending restraint, deficits will flourish and higher tax burdens will likely follow.” Brady concluded.
House Members that supported the largest net budgetary changes in the 112th Congress:

Senators that supported the largest net budgetary changes in the 112th Congress:

For more information, check out NTUF’s data breakdown of the latest BillTally report:

  • Press Release
  • NTUF BillTally Report (HTML) (PDF)
  • Search Detailed Reports for Each member of Congress
  • BillTally Data Highlights
  • NTUF Data Archive
  • About NTUF
    The National Taxpayers Union Foundation is a research and educational organization dedicated solely to helping citizens of all generations understand how tax policies, spending programs, and regulations at all levels affect them now and in the future. Through NTUF’s timely information, analysis, and commentary, we’re empowering citizens to actively engage in the fiscal policy debate and hold public officials accountable every day.
    NTUF is a 501(c)(3) research and education organization. Donations are deductible for personal income tax purposes. Please make a donation today to help further NTUF’s mission of research and education!
    This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to aid or hinder the passage of any legislation or as a comment on any Member’s fitness to serve. Cosponsor information obtained from
108 N. Alfred St. Alexandria, VA 22314

Diversity fascism

30 May
Most people don’t realize how pervasive the fascism spawned by anti-discrimination laws like Fair Housing go.  Under Bill Clinton, HUD Secretary Roberta Achtenberg issued a list of words realtors, lenders and others involved in the housing market were censored from saying on penalty of losing their licenses and livelihoods and being fined.  (This is what they spent their time on while causing the housing bubble that led to economic collapse.)  The list of dozens of words included such terms as “multicultural” and “bohemian,” anything that might even come close to describing the demographics of a neighborhood.  It also included any terms related to the senses or physical abilities, since it is illegal to discriminate against the differently abled.  One cannot describe a property for sale or rent in terms of its good views or its short walk to amenities.

And you can’t tell other realtors how to make an appointment with any term that might be construed as discriminatory, say against deaf mute realtors.  Here’s a notice to a realtor about a new listing from the local multiple listing system, produced by a corporation that is also subject to diversity censorship.  The offensive terms are highlighted in bold.  It is illegal to suggest that another realtor “call” you.  One assumes the word “contact” will satisfy them, though if they knew their Latin roots we might worry that that does discriminate against realtors missing digits, limbs, or nervous systems.

** Notice: Please Review Your MLS Listing for Compliance **

Your MLS listing is not in compliance with the MLS Rules and Regulations. Please take a look at this notice and update your listing. If it is not corrected by the grace date indicated, you will be assessed a fine.
The most value that MRIS can offer its subscribers is the accuracy of the data in our database; therefore data integrity is priority number one for us. We want to ensure that the data you are using from the MRIS database – and passing on to your customers – is as accurate and timely as it could possibly be. For this reason we audit listings to ensure compliance with MRIS Rules & Regulations.

Listing Details ML#: DC8093097
Address: 2100 19TH Unit 805
Notification# Notification Details
Grace Date 11:00PM: 06/05/2013
Rules & Regs.#: Article XI, Sect 21.
Violation Name: Inappropriate Direction Info
Description: The Directions field of the above listing contained impermissible information. You will see these words highlighted in red on your notice or the click here for further details link. Please remove the information to avoid fines.
Instructions: Please remove the inappropriate information. You will see these words highlighted in red on your notice or the click here for further details link.
Violation Fields:
Listing Dt: 05/29/2013 12:00:00 AM
Directions: Must call la for appointment before open house

Separated at Birth?

30 May