Don’t let your daughters work for the White House, or Congress or the DOD…

4 Jun
…or the fire department.

Apparently government employees are so used to taking tax money, the teachers can’t not take kids and the bureaucrats can’t refrain from trying to take bodies. (Full disclosure: I live in the building pictured in the background and have to walk by and could be dependent on, this fire station.)

Sexual assault allegation at DC fire station being investigated


D.C. police are conducting a sexual assault investigation which allegedly took place inside a firehouse.
The alleged victim is a female firefighter who says she was inappropriately touched while she slept early Friday morning at the 2225 M Street firehouse in Northwest D.C.
A police report reveals the victim says she felt an unknown suspect touching her inner thigh which woke her up.
The D.C. fire department is also conducting its own internal investigation to find out if the female firefighter’s report of the alleged incident to her immediate supervisors was then passed on to police and administrators within the fire department in a timely manner.
Four firefighters have been placed on administrative duties pending the result of the investigation.
The alleged victim remains on the job.
Local 36, which represent the firefighters involved, issued this statement:
“We are watching this situation closely and are concerned anytime there are such allegations. Local 36 represents all of the firefighters and urges the department to conduct a thorough investigation in a timely manner that is fair to all.”

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