NDAA and the Rise of the Police State

24 Jul
FREE and open to like-minded individuals!!!

America is rapidly devolving into the oppressive police-state that our Founding Fathers warned us about. In recent years, politicians have passed laws that destroy and erode our constitutional rights like the N.D.A.A. and The Patriot Act.

The NDAA is Nightmare in America. Our government declared WAR on its own people. Under the National Defense Authorization Act, U.S. military can arrest U.S. Citizens without any charges (or evidence), they can do it secretly (Just disappear you), they can hold you indefinitely with No right to a trial, they can even torture and kill you… Just ask Obama about his kill list.

Homeland Security, Federal agencies, and local police departments have also widely adopted military tactics, and military equipment while our politicians try to disarm the people.



– Steve Piotrowski and Jackie Piotrowski will give an eye-opening presentation on the police-state, and the erosion of liberties that our government has taken away from us all in the name of “safety”.

– Senator Mike Folmer will give a speech about legislation that he just introduced called SB 999, The Liberty Preservation Act. This is a Nullification bill which will end the unconstitutional N.D.A.A. in PA. He is also a strong advocate against Common Core.

– Darren Wolfe, CFL guest speaker of the year (author of The International Libertarian), will also give a Philosophy presentation on the police-state and why the founding fathers warned us against this, and what we can do.

– At the end we will also have a round table open discussion… This is your chance to be heard!

WHEN: Tuesday, July 30th
WHERE: Jeffersonville Golf Club
2400 W Main St, Norristown, PA 19403
(Right out side of King of Prussia, Philly, Phoenixville, Lansdale, and Conshohocken)

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