David Moran for Governor (West Virginia)

8 Aug
Dear Libertarians,

We are approaching a wonderful opportunity for the Libertarian Party in West Virginia. More and more West Virginians are realizing and expressing their alignment with the principles of Liberty. Our convention on 14 September at the Shoney’s in Flatwoods (I79 Exit 67) will bring these accomplishments to a head.

As we successfully campaigned for ballot access and making the Libertarian Party a legal Principal Party in our State last year, we met with citizens one-by-one, always addressing and answering every question with open and honest responses. I made the decision before running for Governor that I would not worry about those who disagreed with us but rather just tell the truth.

The time is near when West Virginians realize that their representational government has to be built upon “truth” not “empty promises.” We will in the future witness the election of Libertarians in this State, and we are preparing our foundation at this moment.

We will field candidates for federal and state positions in 2014 … many have been announced … many more are encouraged. Please make this year and the next election events for which you make a personal commitment to returning Liberty to West Virginia.

After 150 years, now is the time.


David Moran, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of West Virginia, 2012

Your Libertarian Candidate for the House of Representatives, 2014

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