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Cap South – Episode 5

30 Nov

Adam Kokesh announces 2020 presidential run

30 Nov

On the platform of dissolving the federal government.

Doris Lessing’s Impatience With Political Correctness

30 Nov

Doris Lessing’s Impatience With Political Correctness

Professor: Obama Should Be Allowed to Run for a Third Term

29 Nov

Professor: Obama Should Be Allowed to Run for a Third Term

Pakistan political party outs alleged CIA station chief, seeks charges over drone strikes

29 Nov
Pakistan political party outs alleged CIA station chief, seeks charges over drone strikes

Dr. Mazari describe her politics on twitter as:

Shireen Mazari

Shireen Mazari


Anarchist by temperament! CEO Strategic Technology Resources & SSII; back in PTI fold politically!

[PTI Press Release on Miranshah drone attack]

On behalf of PTI, Central Information Secretary PTI, Shireen Mazari, today issued a strong condemnation of the drone attack on Miranshah last night. She said it showed once again that the US has nothing but contempt for Pakistan’s leadership as it continues to assume these leaders will pay mere lip service to demands of stopping drones when in reality they remain subservient to the US.

This new drone attack is a direct test of the Will of the federal government, Mazari stated. She added that the people of Pakistan expect the Prime Minister to stand up to his commitments on drones as well to fulfilling the APC mandate of stopping drone attacks otherwise it will be clear that the present government is following the same duplicitous approach on drones adopted by the previous government.

Mazari said the PTI was now more than ever before convinced that Nawaz Sharif coming to power through a massively rigged election was part of a larger understanding over acceptance of US diktat – an election NRO.

Mazari asserted that the timing of this latest drone attack, on the eve of the new COAS taking over command, is also a hostile intent message to the military leadership.

Once again the US has shown its utter contempt for the people of Pakistan, the repeated national consensus against drones expressed in Parliamentary and APC resolutions and for the successive democratic political leadership of the country, Mazari concluded.

Ayn Rand interviewed

29 Nov

Brazil opts out of American satellites over surveillance

29 Nov

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Image via AFP.

American companies that produce software, networks and now satellites are losing market share internationally, as consumers abroad opt out of contracts with companies like Cisco Systems and other American IT and telecommunications vendors who cooperate with the NSA or whose products are believed to contain surveillance malware.

Brazil president Dilma Roussef
By Agence France-Presse

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A statement said a joint venture between Telebras and Embraer would deliver the geostationary satellite for strategic communications by late 2016.
Embraer said the satellite would ensure Brazil’s “sovereignty over strategic communications in both the civilian and military areas.”
Brasilia has been angered by reports of US electronic spying on Brazilian government communications, as well as phone call data and emails of millions of Brazilians.
Those disclosures, drawn from revelations by US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, led Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to reprimand the United States at the UN General Assembly session in September and to scrap a planned state visit to Washington.
Visiona Tecnologia Espacial, a joint venture between Embraer and Telebras, will be responsible for integrating the Defense and Strategic Communications Geostationary Satellite (SGDC) system, Embraer said.
“The SGDC system not only will meet the needs of Telebras’ National Broadband Program (PNBL) and the strategic communications of the Brazilian Armed Forces, but it is also an opportunity for Brazil to ensure the sovereignty of its strategic communications in both the civilian and military areas,” said Telebras President Caio Bonilha.
The SGDC system involves the ministries of communications, defense and science and Technology, an Embraer statement said.
It said the satellite would be operated by Telebras on the civilian band and by the defense ministry on the military band.
French-Italian firm Thales Alenia Space (TAS) is to supply the satellite while European satellite launch company Arianespace is to launch it.
The suppliers are to transfer technology to Brazilian companies, a process that will be supervised by the Brazilian National Space Agency, Embraer said.
It stressed that the SGDC system will provide full security for the government’s strategic communications and military communications as it “will be controled in Brazil at stations that are located in military areas, under the coordination of Telebras and the defense ministry.”
“Satellites that currently provide services to Brazil are either controled by stations outside of the country or the control is in the hands of companies run by foreign capital,” Embraer said.
“In either of the cases there are risks of interrupted services, in situations of international conflict or due to the political or economic interests of others,” it added.
Brazil’s state-owned Embratel launched the first South American communications satellite in 1985.

Cap South – Episode 4

28 Nov

Mapping the Sarvis vote

28 Nov

The Virginia Public Access Project

SFL Job Openings – Students For Liberty

27 Nov

SFL Job Openings – Students For Liberty