The Obama’s rumored to have purchased permanent D.C. residence

12 Apr
In Georgetown for a little over $16 million.  Check out the Virtual Tour.  It’s the “Williams-Addison House,” which was purchased a few years back for $6 million by Capitol City Properties LLC, and given a multi-million dollar face lift.  Capitol City had attempted to divide the parcel so they could build additional houses, but the request was denied.

The property has changed hands several times recently, often for all cash sales and with the ownership hidden in the on line tax records.  But the list of owners can be found in court documents.

Here’s the sales history:

                                                                                               List Price                          Sold At         Date

Sold 1645 31st St  $7,800,000.00
$6,500,000.00 12-May-2006

Withdrn awn 1645 31st St  $6,975,000.00

Sold 1645 31st St  $6,750,000.00
$6,200,000.00 16-May-2012

Sold 1645 31st St  $16,800,000.00
$16,100,000.00 09-Apr-2014

Here’s a video from a listing some years back:

And here is a video from only a few months ago:

Williams-Addison House – 1645 31st street from tom apples on Vimeo.

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