Ayn Rand Miscellany

21 Apr
1) Ayn Rand, sort of, and John Galt, kinda sorta, make appearances in this Dadaist film about memory, forgetfulness, awkward social situations, and very common names.  Here’s the trailer; you may have to go to your local indie film festival to see the Rand bits – or you can pay to see it online.  It’s not an Objectivist movie, but it also doesn’t have an evil sense of life.  Besides Rand, James Joyce, H.P. Lovecraft and other authors are parodied.

2) A completely ignorant internet exam (click here) seeks to tell you your Objectivist quotient.  Unfortunately almost half the questions are very badly designed by an author who knows little about the topic, e.g. he thinks there is an Objectivist position for or against meditation.

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