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Is The “Dear One” The Innocent One?

30 Dec


Kim_Jong-il_PortraitSony_Entertainment_NetworkNow this would make for a great movie (certainly better than “The Interview”). Here’s the plot. A reportedly awful movie is produced by Sony with little expected success. Then the company is hacked with threats not to release the movie. All fingers are pointed at North Korea, including statements from the White House and the FBI. There are widespread reports of the U.S. shutting down the North Korean Internet in retaliation. However, the real culprits are actually laid-off Sony staff. In the meantime, the suppressed movie racks in millions as viewers (including my kids last night) rush to see the forbidden movie. Now that’s a movie plot. It is not clear however if it should be fiction or non-fiction. Media is reporting that experts believe that North Korea was in fact innocent of the hacking and that the culprits were former employees of that other hermit kingdom, Sony.

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Happy Hanukkah Advent Calendar – Our 10 Hottest Libertarian Jews

30 Dec
(Our list is for humor – and appreciation – and includes atheists, agnostics, half-Jews, and anyone else we wanted to include, who is arguably Jewish.  We aren’t promising not to do a list of hot libertarian clergy for Easter.  I’m also including Objectivists etc. because a square is a rectangle even if a rectangle isn’t always a square.  So…get your dreidels out for a game of spin the dreidel…



ליברטי .)

We have 8 days of Hanukkah…so we will be adding a hot Jew every day (before sunset), like an Advent calendar.  Nominate the remaining hot libertarian Jews.  And please, current MOTs, no Ayn Rand, Jane Jacobs, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman.  Also feel free to nominate people for the Hanukkah 5776 list.


TV’s Andy Levy

Well, warm and cuddly anyway.  Although we found this glamour shot.  Mr. Levy is known for his cats, his dry wit on the FoxNew’s show RedEye, and his sweet little cheeks.  (He has a nice punim too.)

Brittany Leigh Sligar

Ms. Sligar, an undergraduate, blogs at Natural Folk and declares on twitterI want to abolish the government. Yay for Anarcho-Capitalism. Long live free markets!”

Jim Epstein

Mr. Epstein is a writer and video producer at reason magazine.


Angela Keaton

Sometime member of the Libertarian National Committee, Ms. Keaton works at  If you become her pen pal she will supply you with very amusing articles and humor, often about Taylor Swift or liberty movement celebrities.


Alan Gura

Mr. Gura is the chief 2nd Amendment advocate in American courts in the Heller decision and other cases.  I’d go to a shooting range with him anytime.


Michelle Minton

Newlywed Ms. Minton runs Human Achievement Happy Hour and writes for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


Alex Epstein

A philosophy student by training, Epstein is the author of the new book,  The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and a website on the same subject.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg

A student at George Mason University, Ms. Goldenberg wrote an admirable short defense of Israel and is a contributing editor for Liberty Without Apologies. Follow her on Twitter @Communism_Kills.


Jeremy Sapienza

Sapienza (left) is the proprietor of Cafe La Mejor in Brooklyn and an urban gardener.  Amazingly, even though a Jew and a libertarian, he has been known to blog.

Daria Kafler

Ms. Kafler is a member of Tel Aviv University Students for Liberty

L. Neil Schulman interviewed on "The Interview"

30 Dec

The interview with Schulman starts several minutes into the story.

Are SONY Conspiracy Theorists Now Hotter Than SONY Actors?

30 Dec

In a Surveillance/Secrecy State, how do we know North Korea hacked SONY?

Portland protesters sing ‘Deck the halls with rows of dead cops’ [video]

29 Dec

2014 Hoodie Awards

29 Dec

Libertarian candidate for Shadow Representative Martin Moulton wins a Hoodie Award

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

i_am_essentialred_hoodieYes, yes, y’all it’s the 2014 Hoodie Awards! The Hoodies (state-Hood) are the awards for good and bad work in the D.C. statehood world. There’s no cash or material “award” rather it’s public praise or condemnation for efforts on behalf of or against the people of the District’s desire to be free and equal citizens. Awardees were selected through an intensely subjective and unscientific process. There are way too many people doing great things that weren’t bestowed Hoodies this year but we in the District owe them all our thanks (looking at you: Anne, Anita, Dara, Elinor, Jerry, Kelli, Kesh, Peter, and on and on). You are free to agree and disagree with these selections and I hope you all will strive to achieve your own Hoodie for Good in 2015. We all have the potential to receive this barely recognized District based award so let’s…

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A Libertarian New Years Eve

29 Dec
What: A Libertarian New Years Eve

8:00 pm

Chevy Chase, MD

Still haven’t made plans for New Year’s Eve? Come join other DC/MD/VA Libertarians for food, drinks, and lively conversation. Feel free to bring your Liberty Caucus minded Republican friends as well. Bring an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to share…

Click here to check out this Meetup:

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