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Libertarians at and on CPAC

28 Feb
Charles D Frohman, Our America Initiative
Gov Johnson gets a lot of love from CPAC, whose especially younger attendees make sure libertarian-leaning Republicans usually win the annual straw poll (GJ came in 3rd in 2011, after winning the RLC poll earlier that year). This “heart attack” video now is on CNN and apparently has gone viral. The governor has stolen the show just as his shovel-ready jobs joke at the Fox FL debate in 2012 broke the google trend meter record. OAI is right that success in the Debate lawsuit will have an impact, since to experience the governor is to like him.

D.C. Libertarian Party
I’m at CPAC where I am trying to avoid social cons, unless they are personal friends, but once a day I bump into some little so con weirdo who is lost in a twisted conceptual maze constructed to justify their hatred of gays, among others. Funnily enough their arguments are the same as those of Obama Democrats. I just had one become deranged at the Leadership Institute happy hour, because the fact that the 2% of the population that is gay can marry means all their damn spouses and kids may get to be on his companies insurance which could cost him money. So In other words, the existence of the welfare state means government should control our lives. Michelle Obama says if government pays for healthcare then it gets to tell you what you can eat. Mr. social Conservative says if the income tax codes more or less mandate employer provided health insurance, it gets to tell us who we can marry.

In case anyone gets deranged over Gary Johnson critiquing Rand Paul, let me observe that the Gary Johnson booth volunteers delivered at least 5 straw poll votes to Rand.

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28 Feb

Former Gov. Gary Johnson On His CPAC “Heart Attack”

28 Feb

Former Gov. Gary Johnson On His CPAC “Heart Attack”

Gary Johnson Disputes Rand Paul’s Libertarian Cred

28 Feb

Gary Johnson Disputes Rand Paul’s Libertarian Cred

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27 Feb

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26 Feb

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25 Feb

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