Jeff Carson asks you to Run for America

5 Mar

Jeffrey Carson, a Vet who has thrown himself into libertarian activism and ran for Congress last year, has a new project and a USA Today op ed.


I hope this note finds you well.
I’m writing to pass along a new op-ed in USA Today that I co-authored alongside five other congressional candidates from 2014. In it, we call upon the next wave of pragmatic, next generation leaders to run for Congress in 2016 and pick up where we left off in challenging the partisan gridlock and special interest corruption in Washington.
Please read and share our op-ed with your friends.
The six of us –– two Republicans, two Democrats, a Libertarian, and an Independent –– have joined forces to support a new initiative launching today called Run for America, which seeks to elect a diverse slate of a dozen solutions-oriented candidates to the U.S. House in the next election. These candidates would run on a common, future-focused platform and, upon their election, form a coalition within Congress to advance their agenda with the help of a national grassroots network of supporters.
If you would like to join me and pitch in, you can sign up as a supporter at and even nominate an outstanding leader you may know to run for Congress.
Our campaign may have ended four months ago, but our cause of a stronger republic endures. I look forward to sharing other developments with you soon. As always, please feel free to be in touch if I can ever be helpful or if you’d like to get more involved.

Jeffrey Carson


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