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Gay marriage – are social cons a persecuted minority?

30 Apr

So marriage equality provides more liberty to up to 6 million Americans who are LGBT; and under “liberal” fascist jurisprudence (the failed civil rights/public accommodation paradigm), liberty will be removed from over 150 million Americans who will be forced to do things against their beliefs, and whose churches will be fined and lose tax exemptions.

I’m still for gay marriage, as I am for desegregated public schools.

But why pretend that “progressives” aren’t going to totally fuck this up to? 

Will Valerie Jarrett’s real estate company end up owning parts of Baltimore?

29 Apr

Valerie Jarrett in ‘Regular Contact’ With Baltimore Mayor | The Weekly Standard

Fire sales purchased with government emergency re-development loans?

Oysters & Anarchism – Preview

29 Apr

Oysters & Anarchism – Episode 2

29 Apr

Red Eye’s Andy Levy on News, Satire, and Political Correctness

28 Apr

Gay Marriage at SCOTUS

28 Apr

Several hundred supporters of gay marriage and several dozen opponents (the latter mainly religious and mainly opposed to abominations in general, single or betrothed), gathered at the Supreme Court today while it heard arguments.

The Cato Institute filed an amicus brief.  reason magazine covers it here; the DC gay news weekly Metroweekly covers it here.

Most of the crowd was aware of the arguments being advanced in some detail and felt the court will uphold gay marriage decisions of lower federal courts.  They just aren’t sure whether it will be upheld as a Constitutional right that exists that all states must recognize, or whether it will just be that all states must recognize via the “full faith and credit” clause any gay marriage from another state.

(I will be uploading photos and videos to this post throughout the afternoon.)

Here’s a lesbian couple who’ve been together 33 years:

Here’s a reporter from the conservative Media Research Center interviewing someone with the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce: 

One of many “Gay-9s” in attendance.  While they ranged from Italian greyhounds to bulldogs to muts, this rainbow ascoted poodle was the gayest of them all.

Here’s a reporter from Mother Jones interviewing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence:

A fairy was granting marriage equality wishes with a sparkly wand:

There was chanting back and forth between he pro- and anti-gay forces: 

New Yorker Jimmy LaSalvia, formerly of Log Cabin Republicans and then founder of GoProud, now an Independent, was here just to visit his former town of residence (D.C.)

Supporters of marriage equality unfurl a rainbow banner:

(Libertarian and LGBT groups may use any of these photos or videos, just give a photo credit.)

Two Gay Men Apologize, Face Boycotts for Talking to Ted Cruz

28 Apr

Two Gay Men Apologize, Face Boycotts for Talking to Ted Cruz

Questions raised over the Clinton Charity Navigator

27 Apr

Charity Navaigator functions as a guide to the reliability of nonprofit organizations, to inform donors.  Isabel Vincent of the New York Post reports on the questions being raised by it over the Clinton Foundation.

Charity Navigator, which …

Breaking: Hillary Clinton collapses from strain, trying to figure out how to extract profits from both Nepal and Baltimore

Bruce Jenner and Zuri Davis vs the Thought Police

25 Apr

This week a young African American woman was told she was ignorant by the trolls of social media because she’s a constitutionalist and she was pictured with other women wearing “Stand with Rand” T shirts.  She’s not allowed to have certain opinions – some of them shared by other famous and accomplished African American women like novelist Zora Neale Hurston – because she’s black.

Then a few days later, transitioning Bruce  Jenner made Diane Sawyer lose it by saying he leans conservative and often votes Republican because he thinks they support the Constitution.  Log Cabin Republicans immediately issued a press release welcoming him.  Democrats on social media, already having a bad week as Hillary’s and Bill’s criminality is exposed in increasing depths of depravity, were crushed.

As libertarian Corie Whalen Stephens put it: “The only reality TV I watch is House Hunters, so I can’t say I know much about this Bruce Jenner guy. But I absolutely love watching so-called progressives freak out when people they ignorantly claim as “theirs” dare to stray from the totalitarian regime of acceptable opinion. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly logical to be transgendered and support constitutionally limited government. In fact, those who are outside of the mainstream are better off when government is small. Tyranny of the majority is a real thing, and more freedom is better for those who are seen as the least acceptable.”

On social media Democrats wept, rendered their garments, and gashed their fangs:

o yes I watched the Bruce Jenner interview last night because I want to learn as much as I can about the people on this Earth.. He was struggling all his life and now he came out what’s next I don’t know but here’s the thing I found out he is A Conservative Republican.. Diane Sawyer gasped and said do you think if you went to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner they would welcome you with open arms to which he said yes I would hope so. Being 65 and not having a clue on the Bums in Congress and how they want to destroy everything is very sad. All I can say is Bruce after your re-assignment wake up and re-think the Turd Party of Nothing…
  • Clara Wilson Sounds like an oxymoron to me

  • Trudi Trudi Barry bruce is bought jerk

  • Lloyd Kay I totally agree I cannot believe he’s a conservative and Republican boat except for one thing is probably riches as hell

  • Lloyd Kay I wonder how much money he got paid for this interview

  • Amy Halpern that was very disheartening and reconfirmed my opinion of him from the beginning of the Kardashian show…he was a schmuck then..hes still a schmuck

  • Debbie Scott He seems like a really nice person, and I hope he finds some peace. That said, he gave away his intellect when he stated he was a Republican because he “believe(s) in the Constitution”.
  • Clara Wilson I remember watching and rooting for him at the ’76 Olympics. Now I really wish him well in his new journey. That said……, a REPUBLICAN?! (All that Kardashian stuff is just money making crap, and it is staggering to know how many people actually watch it)

  • Heather Eller Ruh????? He’s a republican?

  • Sylvia J Brooks I am a liberal democrat and I believe in God and I believe in the constitution,the three things can be joined in one person!

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24 Apr
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