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Friday’s recommended reading – #CronyCapitalism digest

31 Jul

Citizens’ Rights During Police Encounters: Steve Silverman

31 Jul

The myth of Mercedes Marxism – It’s time for Communist Cruising!

30 Jul

The Nation magazine invites you to cruise with them.  For only $2,000 – $7,000.

I went on TWO different week long reason magazine cruises – one to the Caribbean and one to Alaska – and got a private room (sans window or balcony) plus all meals (dinner with wine) and lectures, for around $2,000.

I do believe this is more than National Review, American Spectator, or Weekly Standard cruises as well.

Bring Clinton Cash!

We would like to invite you to join us for the Nation Cruise, this year to the
Western Caribbean.For the last 17 years, our Nation Cruises have
presented many of America’s top progressives and their ideas to our readership,
while also helping raise money to support the publication of America’s oldest
weekly. Whether it’s a panel discussion, one on one interview, a heated debate
over dinner or our ever-popular late night get-togethers, The Nation Cruise provides
ample opportunity to engage with progressive leaders and your fellow Nation
readers to help you stay involved, connected and on top of what is taking place in
our world.
As always, we’ll have a terrific line-up of guest speakers, including many of the writers and editors of The Nation.
We are in the midst of putting together that list as we speak. Do watch this website for updates as we will be adding new
speakers regularly over the next few months.
The Nation Cruise is a truly unique experience. We invite you to explore this website to find out all you need to know
about this year’s cruise. You can even book online! This promises to be another memorable adventure, one that I
sincerely hope we can share with you.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor and Publisher

Victor Navasky
Publisher Emeritus

In addition to all the wonderful activities aboard the ms Nieuw Amsterdam and in port, this exclusive The Nation event includes:

Category I – Inside Stateroom
Inside Stateroom | 185 sq ft”>
Double: $1,514.00pp

Single: $1,889.00pp
From 151 square feet
Two lower beds convertible to one queen-sized bed, flat panel TV & DVD player, shower, safe.

Category C – Ocean View Stateroom
Double: $1,912.00pp Single: $2,405.00pp
190 square feet
Two lower beds convertible to one queen-sized bed, flat panel TV & DVD player, large ocean view windows, bathtub & shower, safe.
Category V – Deluxe Ocean View with Verandah
Double: $2,085.00pp Single: $2,970.00pp
213 square feet + Verandah
TTwo lower beds convertible to one queen-sized bed, bathtub & shower, sitting area, private verandah, flat panel TV & DVD player, mini-bar, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows, safe.
Category SS – Signature Suite with Verandah
Double: $2,839.00pp Single: $4,266.00pp
392 square feet + Verandah,

Two lower beds convertible to one queen-sized bed, whirlpool bath & shower, large sitting area, private verandah, fl at panel TV & DVD player, minibar, refrigerator, fl oor-to-ceiling windows, safe..
Category SA – Neptune Suite with Verandah
Double: $3,782.00pp Single: $6,155.00pp

506 square feet + VerandahUse of neptune lounge & personal concierge, complimentary laundry & dry cleaning service, King-sized bed, large sitting area, whirlpool bath & shower, dressing room, private verandah, fl at panel TV & DVD player, mini-bar, refrigerator, safe.

New gay oriented sun screen premiers, using concentrated melanin from African Americans

30 Jul


New versions of the "World’s Smallest Political Quiz" proliferate

30 Jul

Many libertarians are familiar with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, promulgated by the Georgia based Advocates for Self-Government.

Various pro-regressive and leftover groups have come up with their own versions, and earlier this year gay libertarians came up with a gay version.

Now someone has produced a new libertarian version.  So far reviews are that its topology doesn’t make sense, even though it does correctly characterize most people who take the test.

Thursday recommended reading – #CampaignFail2016

30 Jul

Rare Panel on Millennial Voters

30 Jul

Hosted by Rare Politics Editor Jack Hunter, the event took place in front of a live audience with a Q&A session. What millennials have to say about the state of America, race, gay marriage, fear, the future and more. Panelists were: from left to right: Benny Johnson – IJReview.comJulie Borowski – libertarian personality (aka TokenLibertarianGirl), Olivia Nuzzi – The Daily Beast, Orlando Watson – Republican National Committee.  Both Hunter and Watson have worked for Rand Paul.

Thursday’s recommended reading – #Koch digest

30 Jul

Politically Incorrect Gay Pride March in Sweden Today

29 Jul
Anti-immigration groups organized a gay pride match through Swedish neighborhoods that are over 70% Moslem today.  Reportedly gay pride marches that normally go through neighborhoods that are only 30% Moslem in urban areas are sometimes pelted with rocks.

Today’s march was reportedly uneventful.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

29 Jul
The Stanford Experiments were a military funded version of the famous Stanley Milgram experiments from a decade earlier on “obedience to authority.”

(Association of Libertarian Feminists president Sharon Presley was a graduate student of Stanley Milgram.)