Liberty wags on current events

11 Jul

Bruce Majors

They ban transfats and a few weeks later Greece’s economy collapses.


Hell we should do white face so the cops stop shooting us.


Bill Cosby offered me my first taste of foot long hot dog at the historic Ben’s Chili Bowl

Bruce Majors 

Ariana Grande has discovered donut licking. Apparently when SCOTUS legalized equality between gays and straights, it covered everything.

Bruce Majors

There is only one way in practice to feel about polyamory – you have to use both hands.


s · 

I’m supposed to get over slavery but yall throwing a tantrum over a flag from the same era tho…
Some arguments yall use that apply:
1. It happened so long ago
2. None of you fought in the war
3. I’m not feeling guilty about it coming down I wasn’t there
4. I don’t have black guilt
5. Ya’ll had so long to get over it
6. There were other Civil Wars around the world to, you’re not special.
7. Ya’ll should focus on meth and heroin ravaging rural communities 
But Imma chill tho.

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