Libertarian Party considers new logo

13 Jul
I was at a BBQ last weekend hosted by a couple one of whom has run as a Libertarian for local office and the other of whom is not a libertarian and believes for many libertarians libertarianism is like a religion.

In the kitchen with the non-libertarian half of this couple and some friends the topic of PorcFest came up and I explained that the “porc” was for porcupine, not pork.  And that the porcupine had been unofficially adopted as a symbol, like the elephant or the donkey, since it is a purely defensive animal that does not initiate aggression.  The non-libertarians urged me to get libertarians to adopt some other symbol.

For a while last year a capitol “L” seemed to be in the running.

Now the LP is soliciting votes on finalists for on a new symbol specifically for the LP.  I’ve google doxxed their letter for your perusal.

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