More libertarians on Donald Trump

2 Aug
“Cecil the Lion is a loser, and everybody knows it. They say Cecil was a ‘great lion.’ I like lions that weren’t poached and beheaded.” – What Donald Trump will likely say before the end of the week.

Donald Trump represents the anger many Americans feel about being pushed around. Because that’s primarily what government does, in this day and age. It pushes around those who produce for the sake of those who cannot or will not produce anything. It pushes around legal citizens for the sake of illegal aliens. It pushes around profit-making citizens for the sake of those who live off the government. It pushes around the American military for the sake of politically correct desires to never, ever offend a single Muslim — a clearly impossible task.
On some subconscious and emotional level, Trump seems to sense that it’s either a free market or socialism — and his emotions are definitely on the side of the free market. What he lacks is consistency, as Reagan did. Like Reagan, he calls to “make America great again.” He does not appear to know what will make America great, or at least he’s unable to name it, other than through anger. But he knows that Obama, Hillary Clinton and the like are not it — and in fact, represent the opposite of it. 

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