Saturday’s recommended reading and a libertarian wrap up on the debates

8 Aug
If Donald Trump can’t handle a tough question from Megyn Kelly, how’s he going to handle Vladimir Putin?

For the record, Megyn Kelly has never claimed to be anything but an Independent and she asked questions like a pro last night. She kept her cool, had questions that fit the candidate and the public curiosity, and yes, they were tough. Last I checked, we’re looking for a President, not Miss America. 
Also, if you didn’t like the questions asked of your candidate, maybe your candidate should spend more time on actual policy and less time bloviating about nonsense and insulting people. CNN won’t be any friendlier in September.

You know, I’m not sure there’s a measurement small enough to really convey my indifference to the current political shenanigans, but I do confess that I’d like to see Carly Fiorina tangle with Donald Trump. I suspect she’s met a million like him over the years, and wouldn’t be surprised to find that she keeps their bones in her office to pick her teeth.

More ranting: I’m not one to throw around the word misogynist. But when your candidate only sees women as sex objects and accuses one of being on her period when he’s mad (and has been accused of raping his own wife), then you need to read up on what makes a politician principled.

Trump vs Kelly (Washington Post)

Trump’s twitter war on (a) woman (reason)

More Trump on Kelley (BizPac Review)

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