More libertarians (and conservatarians) on Trump’s rebellion

10 Aug

Joe Segura I’m a Libertarian and will support the Libertarian candidate. BUT I like El Trumpodor for taking on the establishment, including its lapdog media. Yes he’s crazy, but as my wife said: “Why not Trump, we’ve already had worse.” It is also the reason I would take “crazy uncle Bernie” over the money-grubber from hell.

Hannah Bennett  Trump’s candidacy is testing the mettle of conservatives. What exactly does Trump plan to accomplish? Who knows? He hasn’t presented a coherent policy strategy yet. Do we trust a democracy guided by principle to fix what’s ailing us or the force of a single man’s personality?

Are we secretly monarchists?

Roger Stone  This is the oldest fight in American politics. It’s the advance men and the merchandisers versus those men and women of ideas. I think politics is about sweeping big ideas, and a few memorable phrases to get people to remember them. It’s not about minutiae…and I just think it is tragic that the Trump campaign appears to have gone into this cul-de-sac where we’re bickering with Megyn Kelly—who is not running for president.

Bruce P. Majors  Discuss: 1) All the establishment peeps coming out after Donald Trump (John Sununu etc) before the first primaries are exactly like all the people trotted out to smear Ron Paul in 2011 when it looked like he might win an early primary. 2) That Donald Trump is not a good representative of the angry people of Trump’s rebellion is not relevant, since what the establishment is attacking is the angry people and their becoming a movement.

Corie W. Stephens  Feminist thoughts post-debate:
There’s a contingent of conservative women who reject the victim mentality of the left. We hate that we’re expected to accept government dependency as penance for the very real sexism that does exist in our day to day lives. How is reliance on a government made up of men empowering? We recognize that it’s not. Many of us think that to overcome the very real chains of sexism, it’s incumbent upon us to be independent thinkers and achievers. It’s what leads us to reject the Democratic Party sycophants who suggest that as a gender, we’re too weak to make it on our own, thus need to be subsidized by government men. No, we don’t, actually. We’re fine without you throwing scraps at us, thank you very much. We’re the ones who scraped by to raise the men currently claiming to lead this generation. Feel free to thank us for that.
So what about the concept of actually making it on our own as women? What about the fact that we’re expected to ignore the soft bigotry we face everyday, in the form of men treating us like less-than in political settings? Republican ladies, don’t pretend you don’t experience this on a day-to-day basis. The standing there amongst your male colleagues, when another man joins the group and he acknowledges you last if at all, barely making eye contact, assuming you’re someone’s spouse rather than a successful political operative? You know this reality, because you experience it everyday. But you don’t bitch about it publicly, because you’re there to make it despite the obstacles. You’re there to face that passive sexism head on and prove you’re better than it.
This is what I wish men would understand about the camaraderie that women create with each other; especially among us conservatives. It transcends policy. Do I agree with everything women like Megyn Kelly or Carly Fiorina say about every issue? No, not at all. But as a woman who, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, is treated with kid gloves in the conservative political world, strong women who don’t take shit resonate with me. Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina are goddamn badasses. These are fearless women who take men on, acknowledge the existence of sexism as a pervasive obstacle we need to overcome as a gender, but say fuck it, I’m going in anyway. That’s inspiring. That’s empowering. That’s feminism.
I strongly believe that libertarian-conservative women are on the front lines of feminism, defending our fellow females as powerful political contributors. It’s why I loved Megyn Kelly calling Donald Trump out for his misogynist commentary tonight; because IT MATTERS. She stood as a lone voice for women, telling millions of clueless Fox viewers that, yes, women actually do care whether or not you insult our entire gender. We’re strong swing voters; you won’t win without us.
A message of self-reliance and independence resonates with women. We are, after all, the world’s child bearers. And not only do we give birth to you, we host popular cable news shows; we run giant corporations; we run for PRESIDENT. So if you’re wondering why Carly Fiorina is going to see a giant boost in her poll ratings after today, look beyond policy. Look at the fact that millions of women are inspired by the lady in hot pink who stood alone in the face of men who on paper, should be more successful than she is. Yet Carly kicked every single one of their asses. That’s feminism. And Hillary Clinton is rightfully scared shitless by it.
Pay attention. Because it’s about to get real.

Rand Paul We don’t need a bully, and we don’t need another President who thinks he is King. We certainly don’t need someone who has driven his companies into bankruptcy four times yet smugly tells us he uses our nation’s Chapter 11 laws to his own personal advantage. All well and good for him – but what of the creditors and vendors he defaulted on?

Voters are hungry for a plain-spoken critique of Washington. But I’m unsure how credible that voice is when it comes from the consummate insider, a man who buys and sells politicians like he does Lamborghinis.
Trump has paid over 1.5 million dollars to politicians from both sides of the aisle, from Harry Reid to Rahm Emanuel to Jeb Bush. The majority of his donations were to Democrats until a few years ago when he began thinking more seriously of making a play for the Republican nomination.

Bruce P. Majors  Oh my lord. I can be whiny and I can be an attention whore. I can cuss out dumb people and people who slight me. But I at least don’t do it WHEN I am running for office etc. Donald Trump is America’s biggest baby. He called 4 (non FOX) shows to whine today. As if his “treatment” during the debate was a presidential issue like the economy or immigration policy — or even REAL media bias, real government manipulation of the media, or real media oligopoly.

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