Trailer — Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate

11 Aug

We greatly appreciate your earlier help in sharing our very timely, new, satirical, 5-part, Millennials Video series on liberty, Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate.  As an update and in just a month since its release, Love Gov has well surpassed 1.5 million combined YouTube views. (Our earlier news release further explains the series, each episode of which is about 5 minutes.) As the presidential race heats up, the views of 80 million American Millennials may well determine the outcome, but which way will they go?

Could we interest you in further sharing the value and significance of Love Gov!  As you know, Love Gov personifies the increasing folly, cost, intrusiveness and absurdities of meddling government in the lives of everyone, especially the young.  It’s a lighthearted and comic approach to reach audiences on a personal level and inspire them to learn more. 

Love Gov also connects viewers with our free MyGovCost app that enables anyone to see his or her shocking, lifetime federal tax liability and further enables users to learn more about government follies—and alternative, market-based solutions—with numerous articles and other resources.

Here incidentally are some sample comments:

“I watched it and really liked it. I tweeted it too! Thanks for sending it along. Great work.”
John B. Taylor, former Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; former Member, President’s Council of Economic Advisors
“This is a must see. Love Gov is hilarious and sad at the same time. It shows our government in a new light. It is not the politicians, but the bureaucracy. They control us and they can’t be fired.”
Timothy C. Draper, Founder and Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Love Gov is an amazingly high-quality, but also skin-crawling, series from the Independent Institute.
Michael C. Munger, Professor of Political Science, Duke University

Love Gov is light-hearted, but it mocks a problem that is more tragedy than comedy . . . If we graded films we would give Love Gov an ‘A’.”
National Review
“Great job on the Love Gov videos. They are very entertaining, well produced and packed with criticism of ‘Gov’.”
Paul D. Ashby, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California
“We believe that Love Gov is a funny and compelling way to help anyone, especially young people, understand the federal government’s expanding reach into our lives. . . . If you have a high school or college student in your life we urge you to check out Love Gov and the MyGovCost mobile app, they could be great tools to teach anyone—but especially young people—how America’s relationship with Big Government has turned into a very bad date.”
Conservative HQ
Love Gov is great. . . . Upbeat, winsome, and communicates well. Bravo.”
Timothy Dalrymple, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Polymath Innovations
“These videos are brilliant. What a great idea.”
Barbara Kolm, Director, Friedrich A. Hayek Institute
“Nicely done. But very creepy.”

Luke M. FroebWilliam C. Oehmig Chair of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Owens School of Management, Vanderbilt University

Love Gov is great. Something millennials can get into—kind of has a Portlandia feel.”
Lance Christensen, Senior Policy Advisor, California State Senator John Moorlach

Hence and with the enormous and rapid interest in Love Gov, we would be very grateful for any further help in your sharing and discussing its value. In this regard, I would be delighted to discuss further details and if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 510-632-1366, ext. 104 (o), or 510-406-3267 cell.

Thank you very much again for your kind assistance!

Best regards,


David J. TherouxFounder and President
Independent Institute

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