Ruthless Gonif: Defend the parasitical educrats!

13 Sep
Your Weekly Newsletter
Dear Progressive Reader,
Back-to-school season started with a bang in Seattle, when 5,000 teachers went out on strike
Across the country this fall, community members are rising up against budget cuts, over-testing, and schemes that siphon public funds into private schools. 
From Seattle to Chicago to New York and Pennsylvania, protests, hunger strikes, and community activism to save public education kicked off the new school year.
The Progressive has been covering this critical battle.
On Saturday, September 19, we are bringing teacher, author, and civil-rights leader Jesse Hagopian to Fighting Bob Fest, the largest outdoor gathering of progressives in the country, at Breese Stevens field in Madison, Wisconsin.
I caught up with Hagopian by phone as he was headed to the picket line in Seattle this week. The historic strike there, he told me “is a culmination of a lot of our work.” At issue are not just pay and working conditions, but core values including “more recess, less testing, and race and equity committees in every school.”
Check out the inspiring profile of Hagopian in our coming issue. 
And join us at Fighting Bob Fest,  along with Ed Schultz, Russ Feingold, John Nichols, John Fugelsang, Jim Hightower, Lizz Winstead and a whole lot of other great progressive speakers!
To the barricades!

Ruth Conniff, Editor-in-Chief

P.S. We are announcing an exciting new phase of our Public School Shakedown project next week!  Check it out and please donate to support this important work.

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