Monday’s Papal Eve recommended reading (updated all day)

21 Sep

Judge Nap: Pope Francis is an economically illiterate Peronist (reason)

Ubertarianism – a modest proposal (Breitbart)

Why the GOP secretly supports the Iran Deal – follow the money (National Review)

How dare voters pick a candidate (AmericanThinker)

Young conservatives call for deregulating tech progress (TechCrunch)

Ahmed’s clock is a fabricated morality tale (NYPost)

Sprouting a penis at age 12 (UK Telegraph)

Abjuring penis at a bachelorette party (Verily)

The U.S. lawyer bubble has popped (Quartz)

Can Bernie win with only the white liberal vote? (WashingtonPost)

The most Irish parts of the U.S. (IrishCentral)

Leftovers attempt to imagine what marines think about the candidates (MotherJones)

Labor force at all time low (CNSNews)

Falling oil prices lead to falling home prices in oil states (WSJ)

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