An extremely impromptu interview with Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen

29 Sep

Austin Petersen, a former producer at Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FreedomWatch, and a former Libertarian National Committee staffer, is running for the LP nomination.

We conducted an accidental and spontaneous interview with him (he may not have even known we were thinking of publishing it) from our studio in the smelly Computer Commons at D.C.’s MLK Library, until our hour and 10 minutes of MAC time was up and we were disconnected.

but we need to be out front and commanding the dialogue

and that’s not happening
or if Gary won’t do it because he loses his suit and someone has to save us from XXXYXZ


If gary loses he probably won’t run

that’s a shame

I think Johnson is gonna lose that lawsuit bruce
here is a joke you cant attribute to me that I ———-

well, Bruce Fein did have a hand in undoing the Fairness Doctrine

Yes but this case is without merit

It’s an antitrust case

I know it is
the consultant class and the parties are a multi-billion dollar business in restraint of trade
I say f*ck statists with their own weapons

I get it. I don’t think the courts will

I’m not saying I won’t be happy if they win

but if they lose it just makes us look like hypocrites
you mean they will paper over it because of their class interests


like they did with Bob Barr in Texas in 2008
maybe you should write an article about it?

they flat out denied his request

I did a podcast on it today
what’s your position on water boarding
suspected terrorists captured on a battlefield

It’s a form of torture.
what do you think of Trump’s tax plan

the math doesn’t make sense

I prefer Rand’s
will you do your own eventually?

Yes I’m assembling a team of scholars to put one together
who is your favorite current radio talk show?

Talk show on the radio? Mostly radio I listen to music for

sirius xm

I listen to CNN and Fox News on my sirius
what is your next public appearance

LibertyFest in NYC October 11th
who would you pick as a veep candidate

A couple of people have asked me about it, but I haven’t thoroughly vetted them yet. My ideal candidates are already committed to the GOP this cycle unless Rand drops out so I have to protect their anonymity for now.
Are there any Democrats or independent or Greens not already in the LP supporting you?

I have many people who have identified themselves as liberals or former Democrats or left libertarians who are joining the LP in order to become delegates, or volunteering for my campaign

One notable person you might speak to is —-

A California liberal who sympathizes with libertarians and now that I’m running has decided to jump in and help organize the delegate strategy

Are there any deep pockets people behind you like the ones who got behind Robert Sarvis?

there are no big deep pocketed donors officially committed. Some unofficially and some will become official according to promises that they have made depending on what happens with Rand.

I’m starting at square one and I’m transparent about that.
What will the three top issues of 2016 be?

I can’t predict what they will be, but I will tailor a message in order to be timely, as well as continue to press my reform plan which will focus on the five most corrupt agencies of government.
What are they? IRS?

The IRS, Veteran’s Affairs, and the EPA are the three I’ve decided.

The other two I am still narrowing down.
Just don’t forget what they are during a debate.
If you get the nomination and someone other than Rand is the GOP nominee, who will Andrew Napolitano endorse?

That’s a good question. I’ve asked for his endorsement. I don’t know what he will do ultimately, but it’s entirely possible I will get it.
How old were you when you became a Libertarian?

party member or philosophy?

Party member would have been in 2008 so… around 28 for the LP
What was your military service?

and a philosophical libertarian, probably since forever

I did not serve in the US military.
After you and Gary Johnson, who is the best candidate seeking the LP nomination and why?

I have not thoroughly vetted them all and won’t speak on them until I have knowledge of their character and platforms
Who are the ideal GOP and Dem opponents from an LP presidential candidate perspective?

Ideal in terms of giving the best shot for an LP candidate probably Trump and Sanders.
Really? Not Jeb and Hillary?

That would be good too, but not the best

Trump would rip the GOP in two

Neocons might actually support a third party candidate

Sanders is unelectable and would be offputting to moderate voters
You don’t think Trump would rip the GOP in half but add part of the Dems and independents to it?

I’m not sure what you mean
Trump might realign the parties and pull new people into the GOP?

No sir. Not when his supporters are empowered and the US people see them up close.
What are his worst aspects?

White identity politics isn’t a pretty sight. Tribalism, nativism, all these things enflame a certain sector of the electorate.

He invokes national pride based on symbolism over substance.

It’s a dead end politically, and morally in my opinion.

El hombre es no conservador

said Jeb Bush
What do you think of Terry Michael’s argument that Bernie Sanders is a viable option for libertarian voters (made in reason magazine)?

I completely disagree. Sanders lies at the heart of the corruption that the United States has suffered since the height of the Progressive era

Sanders means well, but we have many well intentioned people in government whose do-gooder instincts have disastrous consequences for the rest of us

You cannot have social liberty without economic liberty. The two must go hand in hand.

Besides, he’s not honest. He betrayed Ron Paul over the audit of the fed.

When he had a chance to reach across the aisle, he slapped our hand away
Who would be better for the country and for the Democratic Party. Hillary or Biden?

For the country and the party, I think Biden is better.

I wish he could be VP for life.
If he doesn’t get his party’s nomination, would you try to get him on the Mike Gravel path?

I haven’t considered that strategy as of yet.

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