We need a national system of registration and control

4 Oct
Only five weeks after Vester Flanagan shot his former coworkers we have another rabid leftist shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, who has killed nine people – and intended to kill more.  Harper-Mercer had actually praised Flanagan, reports the UK Daily Mail – the American media won’t tell you that.  Harper-Mercer was aiming to kill Christians, much like Floyd Corkins was aiming to kill politically active Christians when he tried to execute the staff at the Christian Family Research Council only two years ago.

Perhaps the reason so many mass shootings occur at college campuses or in movie theaters is because these liberal cultural venues are where socially and psychologically marginal young men (and others) are taught to hate America and Americans, Christians, the employed, legal citizens, people of the wrong (usually less) color, and those serving in the military.
It is unseemly and shameful to immediately leap to politicking in the wake of such a tragedy, but something must be done.
We must have a national system of registration and control.
The cautions or second guessing of libertarians and other Bill of Rights thumpers from the Constitution belt must be ignored and shouted down as the outmoded and reactionary nonsense it is.
We must begin a national program of surveillance, registration, and reparative therapy for leftists.
It should begin with academia, long known to be, after Planned Parenthood and the major media, the most concentrated employer of registered Democrats in the country, as well as the location of so many mass shootings.  President Obama, or his successor,  should issue an executive order making it illegal for any tenured faculty to own a gun or for anyone to sell one to them, with mandatory prison terms for both buyer and seller.
Violence among Democrats and the groups from which they recruit has too long been ignored by the wider community.  Young black men are killing young black men at a much higher rate than any other group, and it is an indictment of American racism that the country, and the Democratic Party elite, ignore it.  Lesbians and gays are beating their partners at higher rates than any other demographic.  And one look at Senator Harry Reid tells you that even privileged Democrats who become multi-millionaires by selling favors and trading on insider information in Congress are not free of this culture of violence.
We can no longer ignore this problem.  We must have a national registry of Democrats.  They must be barred from passing background checks for gun ownership, with exceptions for those who have learned gun safety by having done military service or working in law enforcement.  They need to be scheduled for monthly visits from Child Protective Services.  They should pay a special tax to fund anti-violence programs to heal their communities.
Our long national nightmare must end.

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