Matt Welch on Real Time

8 Oct
Another libertarian who goes on Real Time told me s/he gets the sense that Bill Maher feels he should have been MUCH more successful than he is, more like Jon Stewart or Jerry Seinfeld, but somehow always had bad luck or bad timing.  Hence the bitter.

There are also libertarians who got the better of Maher or a favored “liberal” guest, and maybe won’t be asked back.

So now it’s Matt Welch’s turn.

Mr. Welch is a really fine editorialist.  I often read reason on-line and so I miss his editorials frequently, and then I am shocked to read my paper copy while on a dead government subway car wondering if I’ll ever get where I am going, and discover the features that don’t make it on-line, and how good Welch, Mangu-Ward and others I’ve been missing are.

But on TV Matt is handicapped by being a white man, polite, and having complicated analyses that don’t go into bumpersticker size phrases.  As far as I know he also doesn’t have a kookie superhero dress like the chick on this panel, with a capelet sprouting out of the shoulder blades.

I suppose it’s better that he is on than not.  Though this reminded me of his old, pre-Independents, appearances on Melinda Hairy Perish’s show on MSDNC where he’d be with a bunch of mainly women of colors who’d be discussing how people who don’t want tax funded abortions of black babies are racist, and he’d have to figure out how to get a word in edgewise without being glared at for being a (white) man who interrupts (black) women.

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