Libertarian Election Results November 2015

8 Nov
Below are the vote totals of Libertarian candidates who ran in the fall of 2015, offering hundreds of thousands of Americans an alternative to Big Government. 
Note that in some local races, multiple candidates were on the ballot; voters were permitted to select more than one candidate; and/or more than one candidate was elected.
Want to be part of an army of freedom fighters in 2016 running for office to give Americans a real choice to shrink government and expand liberty? Click here.
Bold = winner
P = ran as Libertarian in a partisan race
State Candidate Office Votes %
AK Richard Robb* Bethel City Council 546
CO Norman Dawson Manitou Springs City Council, At-Large 360 8.5%
CT Richard Lion Manchester Board of Directors 392 0.9%
FL Joe Haynes Seminole City Council 427 9.4%
IN Dave Nakarado Bloomington City Council District 1 34 26.3%
IN Greg Hertzsch P Clarksville Town Council District 1 9 4.7%
IN Russell Brooksbank P Clarksville Town Council District 2 12 6.4%
IN Adam  Hutchison P Crawfordsville City Council 56 28.5%
IN Albert Tartaglia Cumberland Town Council District 5 51 32.0%
IN Larry Walters P Dublin Town Council 45 16.8%
IN Bart Gadau P Evansville City Council 1st Ward 449 12.9%
IN Robert Myers P Evansville City Council At-Large 3,657 7.3%
IN Tabitha Dyck P Fort Wayne City Council At-Large 3,631 3.0%
IN Tony Clarkson P Frankfort City Council Seat 2 48 36.9%
IN James Nease P Frankfort City Council Seat 4 308 8.4%
IN Jaime Jaquin McKinney P Frankfort Mayor 241 12.1%
IN Arlen Ambler P Goshen City Council At-Large 172 1.5%
IN Susan Bell P Hagerstown Town Judge
IN Michael Gunyon P Indianapolis City Council District 12 325 5.8%
IN Laurie Works P Indianapolis City Council District 15 224 4.8%
IN Sam Goldstein P Indianapolis City Council District 2 360 3.5%
IN Douglas McNaughton P Indianapolis City Council District 23 957 19.8%
IN Michael Jasper P Indianapolis City Council District 25 427 6.7%
IN Chris Bowen P Indianapolis City Council District 3 226 2.7%
IN Chris  Rayment P Marion City Council At-Large 894 6.6%
IN Nick Hamill P Michigan City Mayor
IN Melinda Bradley P Newburgh Town Council 304 49.5%
IN Dennis Denney P Shirley Town Council – North Ward
LA Jennifer Werther* P St. Tammany Parish Sheriff 1,929 3,1%
LA Jason France* P BESE District 6 15,424 11.3%
ME Bob Mills Biddeford Councilor Ward 5 121 34.6%
MI Andy LeCreaux Hazel Park City Council 775 18.1%
MN Mary O’Connor Brooklyn Center School Board 36 11.5%
MN Kevin  Bradley St. Paul City Council 273 12.5%
MS Ken Mills DeSoto County Board of Supervisors District 2 439 9.9%
MS Don Todd P Harrison County Board of Supervisors District 1 659 17.2%
MS John William Faulkner P Harrison County Board of Supervisors District 2 256 3.0%
MS Ron Williams P Lieutenant Governor 16,065 2.2%
MS Sheri Bedwell P Lowndes County Circuit Clerk 288 1.7%
MS Joshua Hardy P State House of Representatives 109th district 591 12.2%
MS Jake Reeves P State Senate 17th District
MS Boyd T. Kendall P State Senate 51st District 1,737 17.0%
NC T. J. Rohr Lenoir City Council 279 29.9%
NJ Peter Rohrman P Bergen County Freeholder 4,789 3.9%
NJ Joseph Rafferty Gloucester County Freeholder (write-in)
NJ Joseph Dunsay River Dell Regional School District 491 19.2%
NJ Joseph DeLong South Bound Brook Mayor 63 0.9%
NJ Patrick Smith South Bound Brook Town Council 65 5.2%
NJ Damien Caillault P State Assembly 27th District 525 0.9%
NJ Jeff Hetrick P State Assembly 27th District 567 0.8%
NY Robert Porter Albany County Legislature 120 14.3%
NY Lisa Whitehead P Batavia City Council 80 37.5%
NY Paul Koksvik Newburgh Mayor
NY Craig Watters Philipstown Town Council
NY Gary Treistman Woodstock Town Justice
OH Todd Grayson Perrysburg City Council 1810 8.8%
PA Matt Schutter P Carbon County Sheriff 578 4.9%
PA Nelson Reppert P County Commissioner & Cressona Borough Council 159 18.5%
PA Charles Lescoe P Cressona Constable 72 25.0%
PA Amysue Shappell P East Norwegian Township Auditor 46 17.3%
PA Robert Kobige P Minersville Constable 153 24.9%
PA Chad DeSantis P Monongahela Mayor (write-in) 248 28.8%
PA James Foose P North Manheim Township Constable 445 100.0%
PA Sandra Walters P North Manheim Township Supervisor 147 23.0%
PA John   Burd P Northumberland County Commissioner 917 3.0%
PA Ed Quiggle P Northumberland County Sheriff 584 1.9%
PA Bill Miller P Penn Forest Township Supervisor
PA T. J. York P Penn Forest Township Supervisor 175 10.8%
PA Dale Wolf P Shamokin School Board 1,107 9.0%
PA Daniel Noll P Tremont Borough Council 145 27.5%
PA Charles Boust P Upper Frankford Township Auditor 141 94.6%
PA William Dickerson Valley Township Constable 100.0%
PA David Moser P York City School Director 792 25.5%
VA Alvin Scott Bandy Charlottesville City Council 690 4.4%
VA David Bucciarelli Colonial Heights City Council 241 9.0%
VA Gregory Todd Rice Powhattan County Board of Supervisors District 4 62 3.1%
VA Charlie Bennett Powhattan County Board of Supervisors District 5 58 3.5%
VA Will Hammer P State House of Delegates 20th district 3,446 24.9%
VA Mark Anderson P State House of Delegates 33rd district 723 3.6%
VA Andy Bakker P State House of Delegates 46th district 502 4.5%
VA Brian Suojanen P State House of Delegates 87th district 343 2.1%
VA Carl Loser P State Senate 10th district 527 0.9%
WA Curtis  Hart Cowlitz Fire Commissioner District 2 Position 3 1,407 40.5%
WA Robb Gibbs Kelso School Director Position 3 2,071 100.0%
WA James Holcomb Lacey Fire Commissioner 4,914 41.0%
WA Don Myers Moses Lake City Council Member #3 1,523 50.2%
WA Joshua Penner Orting City Council Position 6 704 58.6%
WA Joshua Penner Pierce County Council Charter Review Comm. Dist 1 Pos 3 10,107 56.4%
WA Goodspaceguy Seattle Port Commissioner Position 2 37,520 14.1%
WA James Kennedy Skamania School Board Position #4 32 16.4%
WA Barbara Brenner Whatcom County Council 3B 30,753 100.0%
WA Gavin Keefe Yakima City Council District 6 1,442 40.5%
* Election Date October 25, 2015 for Louisiana candidates; October 6 for Alaska candidate.

Source: Libertarian National Committee

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