Charles Koch Institute update

9 Nov

Fall 2015

Criminal Justice & Policing Reform

Farming in Fear

The Charles Koch Institute joined Governor Mike Pence and a panel of experts in Indianapolis to discuss how Indiana can continue to move its criminal justice system toward the state’s constitutional mandate to “attempt to reform persons and not punish them vindictively.” Read the recap here.

Foreign Policy
This year at the State Policy Network annual meeting, the Charles Koch Institute joined the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Right on Crime to host a dinner featuring remarks from the Honorable Ken Cuccinelli. Drawing on examples from states such as Texas, Cuccinelli cast a vision for rightsizing the criminal justice system.


Indianapolis Recorder: “Solutions offered for Indiana’s criminal justice ills.”


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Professor Michael Desch of the University of Notre Dame and Cato Institute senior fellow Trevor Thrall joined the Charles Koch Institute’s vice president of research and policy William Ruger in Washington, DC, for a

Professor Michael Desch of the University of Notre Dame and Cato Institute senior fellow Trevor Thrall joined the Charles Koch Institute’s vice president of research and policy William Ruger in Washington, DC, for a panel discussion about “The Politics of American Foreign Policy.” The panel, moderated by Daniel McCarthy of The American Conservative, focused on the history of American foreign policy and looked ahead to viable political alternatives to the status quo that could better serve the national interest. 
William Ruger will join a panel discussion hosted by Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Thursday, October 22, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, Virginia. The panel will examine the issues of national defense and U.S. foreign policy. Ruger will be joined by Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute, Mackenzie Eaglen of the American Enterprise Institute, and Steven Bucci of the Heritage Foundation. There will be a question-and-answer period, followed by a reception with light refreshments. To register, please contact Malia Zaytoun at or (252) 229-9166.

Toleration & Free Speech

William Ruger was featured in The Federalist with his article “Why Tolerance Is Different Than Acceptance.” Ruger makes the case that recognizing this distinction is vital for the continuation of a free society in which ideas, debate, and freedom can flourish.
In honor of Free Speech Week, the Charles Koch Institute will launch its first-annual Prize for American Free Speech. Undergraduates attending colleges and universities within the United States are invited to submit an essay of no more than 500 words on “the importance of free speech to a flourishing society.” For official contest rules, prizes, and additional information, please visit later in the week.


Corporate Welfare

Export-Import BankThe Charles Koch Institute released a white paper analyzing the Export-Import Bank, noting: “The Export-Import Bank is unnecessary industrial policy at best and harmful corporate welfare at worst.” You can read or download the report here.
Farming in FearFarming in FearFarming in Fear, the latest documentary by Honest Enterprise, is now available for public viewing online, following its launch at the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click here to watch this award-winning film chronicling one woman’s courageous pursuit of her dream to farm in the face of government opposition.

CKI expert weighs in…

Farming in FearAlison Acosta Fraser, managing director of research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute, gave the keynote address at the Network of Enlightened Women’s 11th anniversary celebration on September 29. Fraser spoke about four keys to success: Build strong skills and expertise, follow your own path, maintain confidence, and always act with integrity.

The Daily Wrap

To stay up-to-date on all the top news of the day, consider subscribing to the Daily Wrap, the Charles Koch Institute’s new daily email that delivers a thorough rundown of the nation’s top scholarship and news in each of the following issue areas: criminal justice and policing reform, U.S. foreign and defense policy, toleration, technology and innovation, and cronyism and corporate welfare.

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