Decrim Election Update

9 Nov
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One year from now …

As you’ve likely heard by now, Ohio voters rejected a ballot initiative yesterday that would have legalized and regulated marijuana for medical and adult use. Back in January, I advised the consultants behind the campaign not to proceed because (1) the initiative’s provision creating an oligopoly of just 10 marijuana cultivators would radically decrease public support, and (2) November 2015 was the wrong election. They didn’t listen.

By comparison, November 2016 is an optimal election for marijuana-legalization initiatives, because huge numbers of supportive young people will turn out to vote for president. And because MPP drafted or co-drafted the five initiatives that are currently expected to appear on state ballots next year, I am confident they’re all written well.

That means, at this time next year, we could be celebrating the end of marijuana prohibition in the following five states.

  • In Massachusettsthe campaign is ahead of schedule and nearing the end of its petition drive. 
If you would like to support a state initiative, just follow the links above to donate to the political action committee for that state’s initiative.
Election Day was relatively uneventful in 2015, but with your help, it will be truly historic next year.


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Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

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