Giving Tuesday III

2 Dec
Dear Bruce,

Meet Shelby. Like a lot of young people, Shelby has a heart for the world’s most hurting. A recent graduate in anthropology and sociology from the University of Colorado, Shelby knew that policies and institutions designed to help the world’s poor are not achieving their goals, but wasn’t quite sure why. So after a scheduling conflict prevented her participating in our 2014 Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars, she decided to spend her initial post-graduate months interning with us in Oakland.

Working with our team on education policy projects, Shelby has gained critical insights into how to actuallyimprove educational outcomes for children around the world—knowledge she now takes with her as she this month leaves for a yearlong fellowship in Rwanda mentoring orphaned youth.

Shelby is one of hundreds of Independent Institute Student Program alumni who gain and hone real-world insights on liberty that they carry into their careers.

And not just careers in the policy world: careers in journalism, law, business, philanthropy, academia, media, entertainment, as well as policy—in turn impacting their networks, organizations, and associates—an ever-widening circle of the ideas of liberty into impact in the real world.

Today, increasing numbers of students like Shelby are waking up to the knowledge that their college curriculum lacks important, foundational knowledge, in turn driving demand for student programs, internships, and social media networks that answer these questions.

We’re responding with programs to meet these students where they want us:

  • Week-long immersive seminars, providing students unique access to today’s greatest teachers
  • Internships tailored to students’ specific talents, interests, and career goals, providing hands-on, real-world experience equipping them to be leaders for liberty in their chosen field
  • Social media engagement and information, including more than 440,000 combined fans on Facebook
  • Topical, academic-quality, and lucid books and articles for use in college courses—including more than 30,000 articles downloaded each month from The Independent Review
As these programs multiply the impact of every student participant, this #GivingTuesday, a generous donor is offering to help double the impact of yourhelp.

Through today, every dollar you give towards our Student Program challenge will be doubled.

Today is the last day for this dollar-for-dollar matching grant!

We truly appreciate the support of those who, since Thanksgiving, have helped us get closer to our $10,000 #GivingTuesday goal. But we’re still far away and truly need your help to:

  • Serve 150 students this summer through our 2015 Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars—three times the number who participated this year
  • Create 5 compelling, new videos to show youth how government is the major obstacle to things they care about and how free markets create the solutions: privacy, healthcare, opportunity for themselves and the less fortunate
  • Partner with 50 student organizations to engage their members in our programs
We’re excited to inspire more bright stars for a free society than every before—can we count on you to help?

Please partner with us as an investor in growing the future of liberty, today!

Sincerely yours,

David J. Theroux
Founder and President
The Independent Institute
100 Swan Way
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone (510) 632-1366
Fax (510) 568-6040
Send Email
P.S.: For your tax-deductible contribution of $100 or more, we’ll thank you with an Independent Institute book of your choice, and other great benefits! Please make your gift and get your FREE book, today!

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