Libertarian Outreach to Moslems

3 Dec
As one of the world’s top 10 clicktivists, I’ve been befriending anyone on FaceBook with a arabic alphabet, farsi, etc. screen name who pops up.  It’s my cheap way of beaming libertarian content into the news feeds of probably Westernized, and I suspect disproportionately gay, peeps living under Moslem theocracies.

Here’s one of the heroes of libertarianism, Dr. Tom Palmer, who travels the world lecturing mainly grad student types on classical liberalism, Hayek, Rothbard, Nozick, etc.  This is him a few days ago at the Arab Liberty festival in Morocco.

What other suggestions do you have?  Should libertarians with room sponsor a Syrian refugee as a boarder?  Perhaps a Yazidi or Christian, the refugees the Obama regime is not letting in?

For more information about the Arab Liberty Festival, which doesn’t seem to have much of an internet presence, contact Dr. Palmer or the staff at the Atlas Network.


I’d also be curious to see, at some point, by country or region if possible, a survey of Muslim libertarians on whether they are religiously Muslim or “ethnically” or culturally Muslim while being secular.  I wouldn’t mind seeing such a survey for Christians, Hindus, Jews, Zorastrians etc., it’s just that I already think I have a better feel for that territory.

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