Rand Paul on security

5 Dec

I have a few thoughts on what true national security is, how we achieve it, and the abysmal record of one of my opponents in this area.

The first job of the President should be to secure our borders and fix broken refugee and visa systems to stop terrorists.

This President has utterly failed at the job.

I have led, and proposed measures to fix the problems.

But as I led, Marco Rubio has gone the other way, preferring open borders, broken systems and siding with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.
If you want policies that keep us safe and keep us free, please make a contribution to my campaign today.

Yesterday I introduced my SECURE bill as an amendment in the Senate, to protect our borders and resources.

Marco Rubio voted no.

During his Gang of 8 bill, I proposed the toughest border security/refugee-visa reform measures in my Trust but Verify Amendment.

Marco Rubio voted against my border security and refugee/visa reform measures then too, leaving us less safe.

And as far back as the FL legislature, Marco Rubio opposed toughening reporting requirements at Florida colleges for those on student visas.

This is nothing new, it is a pattern through his entire career.

I want to secure our borders, fix our broken systems. Marco Rubio opposes.
National security requires it. And it should be a test for the next President.

Support real border security and halt to refugee/visas.

For years on this important national security test, I have led, and Marco Rubio has failed.

Stand with me today.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul


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