Gary Johnson on Trump and current events

20 Dec


While the news media has been obsessed with Donald Trump’s latest proclamations and with keeping score in next year’s presidential election, the government we have NOW has been busy with its typical end-of-year antics.

That’s right. You wouldn’t know it from watching the news, but by the time you receive this email, Congress will be putting the finishing touches on a federal budget “deal” that will obligate us to spend $1.1 TRILLION over the next year. That amount, of course, constitutes yet another broken pledge by the politicians — a pledge Our America urged Congress to keep.

And as if increasing the national debt even more isn’t bad enough, Congress also managed to chip away even more at our privacy, including in the budget deal a so-called “cybersecurity” provision that is less about security than it is about making it easier for the government to keep — and lose — personal data about tens of millions of Americans.

In short, the fight continues. While all the politicians are screaming about national security, virtually no one is pointing out that, while violent extremists are clearly a threat, the greatest long-term threat is an unsustainable national debt that will likely hit $20 trillion by the time Barack Obama leaves office. And where is the outrage about the liberties our own government is taking away one after another?

Don’t get me wrong. We have made progress. Just not enough. Thanks to the activism of thousands like you, we achieved some modest “roll-back” of the government’s mass surveillance programs. The otherwise onerous budget deal being passed this week will prevent some outrageous bailouts of insurance companies. And in state legislatures across the nation, real criminal justice and drug law reforms are taking hold.

The Our America Initiative has been engaged in each and every one of these important battles, and as 2015 draws to a close, you have my personal assurance that we will be even more engaged in 2016 — as more and more activists and liberty supporters join our ranks.

The reality is simple: We can’t do our work without your support. As the year winds down, I hope you will consider making a contribution at Our America that will allow us to hit the ground running in 2016. We have much to do — and must depend on you.

Keep fighting — and thank you!

Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman

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