Libertarians on the Democratic Debate

20 Dec
Just remember that Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State, she has been responsible for the coups and massacre of thousands of people.
And that Bernie Sanders has routinely been in favor of drone strikes, voted to support the appropriations bill for the Afghan and Iraq War, one of his advisors quit after his support for the Kosovo bombing, and also defended the atrocious 2014 Gaza offensives
Both of them are responsible for the deaths of thousands, even millions, people — especially Muslims.
Remember that when they cry with their crocodile tears and tell you how much they “love” Muslims.

Cliff Maloney Jr.
National Youth Director for Rand Paul
Martin O’Malley said that we should never give up privacy for security.
Giving credit where credit is due.
Washington, D.C.40 minutes ago
Hillary admits Wall Street funds Democrat campaigns, accusing O’Malley of raising Wall Street money for gubernatorial races
Matthew Klokel
Washington, D.C.
I LOVE when democrats debate the economy! “I’ll give people sooooo much “free” stuff!” “I’ll go one better than my colleague. I’ll give people even more free stuff AND I’ll demonize rich people!”

Ryan Caley
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I’m disappointed no one asked Hillary tonight if she’ll steal the China from the White House this time or leave it in place if elected. I know they were dead broke when they left the White House so her and Bill obviously needed dishes to eat on, but now they’re part of the rich and powerful 1%. Oh wait Hillary demonized the 1% in the debate constantly so she must not be part of it. Well Hillary are you going to steal the China or not? Someone please ask her I’m dying to know! LOL

Washington, D.C.
56 minutes ago
Bernie is chicken to advocate an immediate $15 minimum wage! He’s afraid of instant mass teen minority unemployment.
Edward Hudgins
Washington, D.C. · 

I had a choice this evening of watching the Democratic debate or seeing the new Star Wars movie. I spent a pleasant evening in a galaxy far, far away!
Washington, D.C.51 minutes ago
If we were a civilized society we would take presidential candidates and drop them in Hawaiian volcanoes to appease the gods.
Lisa Miller
Falls Church, Virginia· 

The more @HillaryClinton tries to explain handing Libya over to ‪#‎AlQaeda‬the more incompetent she sounds.

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