Richmond Lobbying Day

17 Jan
Dear Virginia supporters of Governor Gary Johnson’s Our America Initiative,

Every Martin Luther King Day Virginians of all political persuasions visit their delegates and senators to support or oppose various bills in Virginia’s General Assembly.  The Our America Initiative for which Governor Gary Johnson serves as Honorary Chair has participated in Lobby Day the last two years and once again invites you to join us Monday!  And if you can’t join us next week, read below for how you still can influence your state politicians for the duration of the legislative session!

For those around the state who can drive to Richmond early on Monday, look for Juanita Billings at 9am near the Bell Tower fifty yards from the General Assembly, 9th and Broad Streets.  Americans for Prosperity even is offering bus rides from all parts of the state! (Scroll down for how you can participate even if you can’t come Monday).
We’ll have copies for you of the one-page handout, which you’re welcome to copy for your own meetings if that’s easier.  The handout will contain bills we support and oppose, divided among six objectives:  (1) cutting confiscatory taxes; (2) reducing smothering regulation; (3) rolling back over-criminalization; (4) restoring choices in education and health; (5) respecting personal liberty; and (6) opening and limiting the government. These categories are useful since most bills can be assigned to one of them.
It’s less important to converse with the politicians about the individual bills, and more important to stress the six objectives listed above.  That is, regardless of the content of the bills, we need to communicate with the General Assembly that we want less government coercion and more personal liberty!
If you’re late simply enter the General Assembly building from the park side, go through screening and pick up a directory of politicians’ offices.  Just find your delegate and senator and share the handout.  Email or call or text 804.837.6358 with any questions or to report results of your meetings.  (You can also call if you’re late to find out where we are on our rounds.)  Be sure to take pictures for sharing, too!  It’s not a bad idea to call or email to get an appointment.  But even without an appointment, there’s a good chance you can at least meet with a staffer, if not the politician.  
Not only will you learn about the state political process by participating, but also you’ll be able to network with activists and groups friendly to liberty, even attending one of their hospitality suites, lunches or happy hours.  One group with lots of Lobby Day experience that will know about these other events is Citizens Defense League.  Since a purpose of OAI is to broaden the base for liberty by supporting other groups, any networking you can do will help introduce more activists to our libertarian grassroots goals.
If you can’t join us Monday you still can help.  Since the session lasts until Spring, our bills will need calls and emails as they progress through committee to the floor for final votes; help us track the bills please and when you see them scheduled for consideration, please call and email your voting preference with your legislators. 
For more information, click on OAI VA’s Facebook events page for Lobby Day, and watch for our daily posts at the OAI VA Facebook page
P.S. Honorary Chairman Gary Johnson has had recently many appearances in the media; he has been joined on the Advisory Board by Whole Foods founder John Mackey and Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.; and 100 high-profile, national experts have joined our Advisory Councils and are posting at Live Free Blog.
P.P.S. Support our national projects to end warrantless NSA spying, abolish the IRS, repeal marijuana prohibition, and require debates to include all viable candidates.  More of our 50 state affiliates are ramping up their own projects – invite friends in other states to get involved!
P.P.P.S. Please consider a recurring donation and check out the privileges for membership in our donor clubs.
Thank you and take care,
Juanita Billings
Director, Virginia Our America Initiative



The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.  

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