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27 Jan

Dear Friends of Gary Johnson,

Help Gary Johnson with crowd funding on Fundly. Click Here


Gary Johnson 2016 has set up a Fundly account to take advantage of crowd funding. We hope that you will sign up to be a Supporter and a Donor.
With polls showing a record number of Americans today rejecting the two “major” parties and their presidential candidates, 2016 presents an historic opportunity to bring new voters and activists into the liberty movement — and to achieve unprecedented success in elections at all levels.
As a successful two-term Governor and a frequent spokesperson for liberty in the national media, Gary Johnson is in great demand as a speaker for events all across the country, but travel costs are significant, and insuring that Governor Johnson can appear at those events and build the libertarian movement requires funding.
Donations from this Fundly campaign will be used solely to defray travel and event costs for Gov. Johnson, making it possible for him to promote the liberty agenda at State Libertarian conventions and other events across the nation. Helping to put him on the stage and in front of thousands of potential liberty supporters is a great investment — and that is precisely what these dollars will do.
Help build the liberty movement with your support. Click on this link to become a Supporter and a Donor for Gary. Click Here
Thank You!

Gary Johnson 2016 

Gary Johnson was the Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2003. A successful businessman before running for Governor of New Mexico in 1994, Gary Johnson started a door-to-door handyman business to help pay his way through college. Twenty years later, he had grown that business into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico, with more than 1,000 employees. Johnson is best known for his veto record, having vetoed more than 750 bills during his time in office — more than all other governors combined. His use of the veto pen earned him the nickname “Governor Veto.” Term-limited, Johnson retired from public office in 2003. An avid skier, adventurer, and bicyclist, he has summited the highest peak on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest.  In the 2012 presidential election, Johnson placed third and garnered more votes than any other Libertarian candidate in history.  He has two grown children, a daughter Seah and a son Erik, and currently resides in a house he built himself in Taos, New Mexico.

For more information, visit
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Gary Johnson 2016
PO Box 4422, Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Phone: 801-303-7922

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