Libertarians and friends on Campaign 2016

7 Feb
Now that Senator Rand Paul has left the stage and Congressman Ron Paul has recommended voting Libertarian, what are the libertarians saying about Campaign 2016?


Ben Kissel

If Donald Trump’s hair sees its shadow we have 6 more weeks of winter ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ ‪#‎GroundhogDay‬


Zuri Davis
Arlington, VA· 

 “Without eminent domain, who would steal old lady’s houses? It’s SO great!” 

Daniel Lin
Washington, D.C..

Early Iowa results

29% Punchable Face
25% Solid Gold Dumpster Fire
21% Tracy Flick

51% Pending Indictment
49% Venezuela


It’s very cruel for people to joke about a Rubiobot having glitches; it got foam in its gears.


Zuri Davis
Arlington, VA· 
Lord help us. Other Republican candidates trying to talk about criminal justice reform was the saddest thing I’ve witnessed all night. ‪#‎GOPDebate‬


Martin Avila
D.C. And California 
Back on Ron Paul‘s 2007 campaign we had sign wavers and launched our first moneybomb to fund some office furniture. $40k so Jeff Frazee & Jonathan Bydlak could have chairs. 
Clearly 2016 was tough, but we’ve come so far since then.
First, thank you Rand Paul and your family for sacrificing everything and putting yourself through a grueling two and a half+ years. Without you and your incredible campaign we wouldn’t be where we are today — Doug Stafford, Chip, Vincent Harris, AJ Spiker.
We gained thousands of dedicated new volunteers, even with other candidates talking about some of the same ideas. 
We raised huge sums of money and had a SuperPAC spearheaded by Jeff FrazeeEdward KingMatt Kibbe, & Terry Kibbe(I was honored to be your CTO). 
Moving forward, there’s tremendous upside.
There is a huge and growing youth movement in Young Americans for Libertyand Students For Liberty
Rand not only got congressional endorsements from Rep. Mick MulvaneyRep. Raúl R. LabradorCynthia Lummis but have them campaigning on the ground for our ideas – Justin AmashCongressman Thomas Massie
We’ve got an entire House Freedom Caucus.
We’ve redefined media — now outlets cover our story better than ever. Thank you RareJack HunterJulie Borowski and Corie W. Stephens
So look on the bright side. We’re on it. In 9 years we’ve come a long way — and we’re just getting started.
Thanks for fighting, not just for people, but for the ideas, however you are doing it:
Now, what’s next, and how can I help you?


Terry Michael
Washington, D.C.
“Citizens United” and Super PACs: voters don’t give a damn!
I am a libertarian Democrat (about six of us) but also an admirer of Bernie Sanders. He’s against elective wars, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and opposed to Big war profiteers, Big investment banks and the criminal enterprise known as Big Pharma.
But Bernie loses me when he rails against billionaires buying elections with their Super PACs. The reality is that strong message, which Bernie has, always trumps (pardon that word) big money. Money follows message, as Bernie has proved with his millions of small donors.
Countless elections have been lost by candidates who exponentially outspend their opponents.
A First Amendment purist, I am willing for anyone to use or mis-use his or her money to try to send messages, no matter how good or how bad I may find them. I’ll let the voters decide.
And I predict Big Message (Bernie’s) will beat Big Ambition (TheClintons.)
So Bernie, enough with the billionaire babble, and Super PACs and Koch Bros. nonsense. Stop the “process liberalism” focus, and talk about things that really matter to Americans, like ending American imperialism, easing the burden of student loans, stopping the criminal activity of Big Pharma, halting Big Bank abuses, and ceasing the War on Drugs on Us !!!!
cc: Nick GillespieTad DevineDan BalzRoger SimonNorman OrnsteinChuck Todd
P.S. That doesn’t mean you can’t remind voters of the influence of Goldman Sachs on TheClintons. But take your campaign to the next level. Stop the billionaire baloney, with which you risk becoming a caricature of yourself, and reach persuadable Democrats and especially independents on the above problems.


This is the MOST awkward thing I have ever seen. They can’t even get out on stage correctly and are trying to vie for a position to rule a nation.


Walter Olson
Frederick, Maryland
Joe Arpaio endorsed Trump yesterday and Tony Perkins endorsed Cruz, so Rubio is going to need a really terrible endorsement to keep up. And over on the Democratic side, what with Michael Moore having endorsed Sanders and Noam Chomsky endorsed Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley is looking like the poor guy left without a date for the Awfulness Ball.


Corie W. Stephens
Houston, TX· 

Hillary Clinton is a uniquely unlikable politician. And she proved why more so than ever during a CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper this week. 
She said that when she accepted $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, she thought she wasn’t going to run for president again. That’s BS you can smell from a mile away. 
Clinton also had a ridiculous but amusing reaction to hearing how much she lost young people by in Iowa. She really shows how out of touch she is nearlyany time she opens her mouth.
Clinton’s going to lose New Hampshire. And she’s going to lose it big time. Question is, will that momentum carry into Super Tuesday? Conventional wisdom has been that she’ll win the south. But new polls are starting to show that’s no longer a guarantee. 
My latest at Rare Politics.


Debate grades:
Jeb – A
Christie – A-
Trump – B
Kasich – B-
Cruz – C
Carson – D
Rubio – F
For the record I am leaning towards voting for Rubio and would NEVER vote for Christie but we have to be honest – Marco had a terrible night and Christie had a good one. Side note: where has this Jeb been?

Ben Kissel
New York, Nay· 

Cruz talking about how tough he is on National defense sounds like a closeted gay dude talking about how hard he bangs chicks ‪#‎GOPDebate‬

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