Lp.org: Ron Paul: No one for libertarians to vote for in Republican or Democratic primaries

7 Feb

The Grand Inquirer

Ron Paul advised voters not to get behind any of the remaining candidates in either the Democratic or Republican primaries on two Fox Business Network shows this week: Kennedy and Varney & Co.

Host Stuart Varney asked Ron Paul, now that his son Rand has suspended his bid for the presidency, who of the remaining Democrats and Republicans are the most libertarian.

“I haven’t found them because they always have these exceptions. ..Trump is for tariffs and all these other things. . …People are liking Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and he’s owned by Goldman Sachs. …he and Hillary have more in common than we [libertarians] would have in common with either Cruz or Trump or any of them, so I just don’t think there’s much picking. [Libertarians] are going to have…

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