Join Gary Johnson on line now!

24 Feb
Conservatives don’t like Trump, and liberals don’t like Hillary.  
Are you going to sit on the fence and allow another election with lousy choices?  Click here to tune in tonight at 8 Eastern to ask questions of the “sanest man running“.
In 1992 disappointment with the frontrunners allowed Ross Perot to rocket to the top of the polls once voters saw him in the debates with Bush and Clinton.  The same result could occur if you commit tonight to learning more about Governor “Veto”, who needs just 15% in the polls for an invitation to the debates.
This governor – also a successful businessman who hired over a thousand employees – vetoed more bills than all 49 of the other governors combined.  He cuts taxes while rebuilding the roads.  He wants a strong defense against terrorism without sacrificing privacy or a balanced budget. 
Most voters are “fiscally responsible yet socially tolerant”, just like the third choice for the presidency who announced his candidacy last month on Neil Cavuto’s Fox show.
Click here to get to know the candidate tonight.
If you want to do the work advertising his events, appearances in the news and advocacy efforts – to get him the 15% in the polls required for debate invitations – sign up at the campaign website and “like” his Facebook page.
Charles D. Frohman

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