Libertarian calendar for March 2016

26 Mar
March 28
Washington, DC

Liberty toastmasters
6:30 pm

March 29
New York, NY

Libertarian presidential debate taping
John Stossel show
March 30
Washington DC

Colombia: Peace at Any Price?

Policy Forum 
March 30, 2016 

4:00PM to 5:30PM


Hayek Auditorium 
Featuring José Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director, Americas Division, Human Rights Watch; and Adam Isacson, Senior Associate for Regional Security Policy, Washington Office on Latin America; moderated by Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Policy Analyst on Latin America, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute. 
The Cato Policy Forum was initially scheduled for March 15 at noon but has been rescheduled to the new date and time listed above.
Colombia’s half-century war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and remains Latin America’s longest armed conflict. After more than three years of talks, the Colombian government and the guerrillas are nearing a self-imposed deadline for the completion of peace negotiations. Despite the support that the peace process enjoys outside Colombia, key provisions already agreed to are leading many to reject the agreement. José Miguel Vivanco will explain why the lack of meaningful accountability for crimes against humanity committed by both parties contravenes international law, delegitimizes the negotiations, and undermines the chance for sustainable peace. Adam Isacson will make the case in favor of the agreement.
If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it live online at and join the conversation on Twitter using #FARCPeace. Follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

Attend in Person

March 31
Bellevue, WA

Early bird registration deadline for OCON

March 31st to save 25%

The Objectivist Summer Conference of 2016 is growing closer! Put on by the Ayn Rand Institute, this is a unique opportunity for students to gather together to explore Rand’s ideas and decide for themselves what they think about many different aspects of Objectivism. Thanks to generous scholarships, attending this conference will be at little to no cost for students.

So what should you do now? REGISTER! Until March 31st, student are eligible to purchase their tickets at the early-bird discounted price of $75. In addition, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon gift card for every person you refer to OCON!


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