New fracture lines in the Democrat Party coalition

8 Apr
The stress of landslide losses to Senator Bernie Sanders in several state primaries this March led Hillary Clinton to snap at a young Bernie activist this week.  And many more Democrat Party tensions could emerge this year, from a possible Obama Justice Department prosecution of Hillary Clinton for maintaining a private email server in order to evade Freedom of Information Act requests, to African American voters realizing that the Democrats, in one of their hallowed traditional policies, dating back to the party’s founding in the early 1800s, continue to round up poor black and brown children and sell them to educrat unions in exchange for campaign donations to Democrat candidates.

A new conflict between two important groups of Democratic Party voters was revealed this week in an interview with Washington, D.C. police Sargent Jessica Hawkins.  In the cover story of this week’s Metroweekly, the leading journal of news for the intersectional community in the Nation’s Capital, Sargent Hawkins, a transgender American,  reveals the trampling of her 4th Amendment rights to be free of search and seizure and invasions of privacy, at the hands of a member of another traditional Democrat voting block, Necro Americans.  Hawkins recounts how her daughter, when Hawkins was still a married father with two children, discovered her dad was a “transparent:”

HAWKINS: So this is crazy. My daughter claims she can see ghosts, or paranormal activity. We lived in a townhouse in Woodbridge at the time. She was five years old. But my neighbor, who went to American University, he was part of the paranormal science program. They both would describe, at different times, the same exact family passing through the walls. And I was like, “Oh my God. That is as freaky as crap. Holy crap.”
My daughter explained to my wife that she knew I did a pedicure with red nails. I fell asleep on the couch or something, and the little ghost girl took her down to the couch, and told her to pull the covers back and showed her. And then the little ghost girl took her to the basement and showed her my stash of women’s clothing and wigs and heels and shoes. So, yeah, the little ghost girl sold me out.

Unfortunately, our transphobic and Zoe-centric media and pollsters have not surveyed either Transgender or Deceased Americans to find out if either community leans more toward Hillary or to Bernie.

However, in D.C. and many other major American cities the number of Necro American voters is growing at an accelerated rate.  DC’s homicide rate increased by 54% in 2015, and so far 2016 has had a 4% increase over that.

But now that the D.C. police department has access to paranormal scientists at American University, one expects Sargent Hawkins and her colleagues will be closing those case files soon.

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