Alicia Dearn announces candidacy for Libertarian Party Veep slot, and a polling project

9 May

Alicia Dearn, an attorney who worked on ballot access for Gary Johnson in 2012, and then survived cancer in 2013, has tossed her hat in the ring as a Libertarian VP contender.  Today she is spearheading a polling and media outreach project.

“If you have empathy and love for your fellow man, you will wish for them to have freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. That’s the core of Libertarianism.” ~ Alicia Dearn
Learn more about Alicia at:
Support the campaign financially here-
Imagine a Better America
‪#‎Veep‬ ‪#‎Dearn2016‬…/It is time to change the way polling is done in the United States! For too long the major polling companies have been ignoring Libertarian Candidates! Its time to change that. Please Join us Monday as we Call, E-mail and Tweet! Below you will find contact information and some suggested scripts, e-mails and tweets!

Thank you all so much for your help and your support! Let’s go out and change the world!

Public Policy Polling information@publicpolicypolling or 888.621.6988 @Ppppolls

Fox News or 888.369.4762 @FNReporting @foxheadlines


USA TODAY Editor Brent Jones and @Usatoday 

Gallup 888-274-5447 @Gallup


The New York Times @NYTimes @nytopinion @nytpolitics

John Zogby @zogby_research

Monmouth University Polling Institute 732.263.5858 @MonmouthPoll

Siena Research Institute (SRI) (518) 783‑4270

Rasmussen Reports or 732-776-9777 @Rasmussen_Poll

Pulse Research (800) 975-5166 @PulseResearch

Commission on Presidential Debates or (202) 872-1020

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