Libertarians and friends on Trump etc. this week

9 May
Bo Brown
 Richmond, VA

As the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, I get notices every time someone inquires about the party or joins the party with a donation. I have been absolutely flooded with these emails this week. The Tipping Point is coming.

Richard Wilde
Portland, OR · 

I have more than just one reason for supporting Donald Trump. But #1 is this: If Hillary is President, how many more Benghazis will we have to face together with the lies and incompetence that go along with it. How many our finest will lose their lives due to political schemes to make us look good or to support our enemies under the table. How many, Mrs. Clinton? HOW MANY?!
You’re a professional and psychopathic liar, moral degenerate and vengeful human being. Your anger and hate would get us far more into trouble than Donald Trump’s outbursts. Donald is no fool. Not at all. You, Hillary will have a lifetime of secrets and dishonest motives from which to operate and coalesce power.
They say that Trump is “fascist”. You, Hillary will slyly, quietly continue the power binge your predecessor has been on for eight years. EIGHT YEARS. Add to that four more of yours, and indeed you will rule from the serene hand of more authoritarianism than this country has ever known. Even more that Franklin D. Roosevelt. You, Mrs. Clinton, you are a dangerous breed. Mr. Trump, despite everything we know about him, and what everyone has said about him is this — what you are not: A patriot, true believer in the greatness of this country, and a man who isn’t shilling for his own private gain to some foundation funded by our enemies.
To paraphrase freely from a line in the famous “Money Speech” of the movie “Network”, I will say this to you, Mrs. Clinton as you proceed to lose your hope of being the first female President:
“You have meddled with the forces of America’s nature, Mrs. Clinton, and you shall atone.”

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