PredictIt adds Gary Johnson

15 May

I sent an email to to add Libertarian candidates to their polls and surprisingly they did just that a few days ago. When I went on the site this morning Gary Johnson was listed in the poll for predicting who would win the Presidency in 2016. He was listed as last, of course, so I bid on him to win and jumped him up to number 5. He is at least on the board now. 
If we let folks know they can predict him to win maybe his numbers go up and he starts to get some media attention from it. The media does cite this site quite a bit as a predictor of who is winning the horse race. I found it from an interview of the creator on CNBC. 
Predictit is a market based research project from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. And it’s fun, especially for the politically interested.
Kevin Spiers

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