Gary Johnson nominated Libertarian candidate on second ballot

29 May
Posted on Breitbart this morning.

Nine hundred and eleven delegates at the Libertarian nominating convention in Orlando did not choose two term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to be their presidential nominee on the first ballot Sunday at 11:55 am, as he received only 49% of the vote.  Party rules require 51% of the vote, or 456 delegates.
On a second ballot complete at 12:58 pm Johnson was elected with 55% of the vote.
A separate vote will be taken later today for the vice presidential nominee, where Johnson is hoping delegates will choose former two term Massahcusetts Governor William Weld as his running mate.  In his acceptance speech Johnson appealed to delegates to accept his choice of William Weld to increase the Libertarian Party’s chances of being included in the Presidential Debates with Democrats and Republicans.
One of Johnson’s opponents, Cleveland Clinic anesthesiologist Marc Allan Feldman, had actually provided emergency medical care, along with Canada Libertarian Party leader Tim Moen, a firefighter and EMT,  to someone not at the convention who was struck by a car on International Drive outside the Rosen Centre, where the nominating convention is being held all weekend.  Feldman’s possibly life saving work, and his rather good stand up comedy at a final debate Saturday night, did not push him over the top.  Feldman received only 7% of the vote.
Johnson’s two top competitors, former FOX News producer Austin Petersen and McAfee anti-virus creator John McAfee, received 21% and 14% of the vote, respectively, on the first ballot.
The Saturday night final debate was rather interesting visually, with five candidates on the stage.  From left to right: Dr. Feldman, short, funny, and Jewish, really is a gifted comic; former FOX associate producer Austin Petersen, young, good looking, and slick, came across as a professional sales person, like a high end realtor; Governor Johnson, who  has the persona of a corporate or political team leader/pep squad leader; New Hampshire activist Daryl Perry, the most radical of the candidates, whose unusual features and long hair do make him look like a wild eyed anarchist; and John McAfee, whose sun damaged complexion, expensive suits, and heavy highlights make him look like a very wealthy person gone dissolute.
Among people not actually running for the nomination both performance artist Vermin Supreme, who was in attendance, and former Congressman Ron Paul, who was not at the convention, each received one vote.
Later today the delegates will elect a vice presidential nominee, a new party chairman, and a vice chairman.
Though no Mexican flags have been flown, ta rumor circulated that he LP may have joined Trump rallies in protests by Muslim political groups.  Saturday night during the final presidential debate, one drunken delegate was escorted out of the hotel by police. The rumor was that the delegate was induced to protest Gary Johnson by William Coley, who is running gainst Governor William Weld, Johnson’s choice for running mate.  Coley, a Tennessee native, is a Muslim convert and founder of the group Muslims for Liberty.  Johnson was almost alone in the Saturday night debate in opposing the Iran Deal, denouncing Iran as the major funder of terrorism in the world.  The rumor was the Coley incited the drunken delegate to disrupt proceedings, not that the group Muslims for Liberty, did.  I asked William Coley and he denies this, saying he was simply in a hospitality suite with the delegate earlier that evening.

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