Libertarian convention rumors

30 May
The Libertarian Party convention, concluding today after nominating Gary Johnson and William Weld, had a number of rumors and minor fiascos.

Here are some of the rumors:

1) Gary Johnson delegates had exclusive access to a block of rooms at the convention hotel, the Rosen Centre.

In reality anyone going to the convention website, a nation builder website, could click through to a hotel reservation website where a block of below market priced rooms were available.  By Wednesday before the convention most area hotels were sold out though.

2) Gary Johnson delegates were paid to be delegates.

Maybe about two of them, who were paid to run his media or Our America Initiative, who were also delegates.

3) Muslims for Liberty founder and vice presidential hopeful William Coley instigated a drunken protest against Gary Johnson by another delegate who was escorted out by police.

Coley denies responsibility.

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