Delegates on the Libertarian convention

31 May
Steve Mace

James Weeks has done EVERYTHING he can to undermine his County Party, and the State Party. IE. He has actively shown up at polling places where there are other Libertarians running telling voters not to vote. He preaches the foundation of feudalism, and is all around a parasite. An attention seeking parasite who has used the LPM for his own agenda. He has utilized loopholes to avoid censure and outright dismissal from the party. I hope his maxim opus at the convention was enough to satiate him; and he finally moves on… to another party… or him and his little band of miscreants form their own. Again, it has been long known that his ideology (by those familiar with something he’s not, books) is not libertarian in the least. And his antics, too much.


Dave Nalle
Former national chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus 

Think about this. If Gary Johnson does not win the presidency but sets the LP up to become a real party by getting into the debates and getting more than 20% in the general election, there is a very good chance that the first elected president on the LP ticket will be Rand Paul.

Bruce Powell Majors
District of Columbia delegate

I favor stocks, paddles, and branding irons for anyone who attends an LP convention and disrobes in public. I think agreeing to that should be a contractual feature of ticket purchase


Dave Nalle
Former national chair, Republican Liberty Caucus · 

Let me clarify something about my trip to the LP convention. I was primarily there as an observer and for outreach. I was not there as a delegate and although I was seated briefly with the Wyoming delegation, I did not vote as a delegate. I have been criticized for attending and most of that criticism is actually directed at Bill Weld, who I sat with for a while. Weld is a past RLC endorsee. Gary Johnson is a past RLC endorsee. Weld is Johnson’s VP choice. Former RLC chair Ron Paul also appeared at the convention by video. There were numerous other RLC members there including another current national board member. This is the era of the Trump GOP. Party lines are being blurred. We have to adapt to that reality.

Andy Craig

Wisconsin Delegate 

True story: three different TSA agents all said they were voting for Gary Johnson when they saw Brian and I wearing our t-shirts. Plus another half-dozen passengers who stopped us in the terminal to say the same thing. One woman came up enthusiastically to tell us she’d been watching the convention unfold, had lived in NM when Johnson was Governor, and that she was thrilled to get to vote for him again. 


Will Coley

Candidate for Veep nomination

Ok I was going to wait until i finally got back home to address this, but it seems it must be done now, rather than later. 
No I can not support Johnson/Weld in any way, no I can not and will not stop slamming them at every opportunity. I have spent years of my life trying to bring Muslims into the fold of the liberty community, and this ticket sets those efforts back an immeasurable amount.
There is no way on earth i could maintain credibility within the Muslim community while supporting an anti muslim, pro war, fear mongering candidate like Johnson. The major national groups like CAIR or ISNA would crucify me, i would be cast as the new Zuhdi Jasser, and our work would be dead in the water. 
A candidate who cites Frank Gaffney in debates, apologizes for suggesting a ban or “the burka” by saying muslims lie and beat their wives, lies about who funds terrorism, uses shariah scaremongering, lies and encourages conflict with Iran, seriously, the delegates may as well have nominated Ted Cruz in track shoes. 
For those of you who can’t stomach me putting my personal career ahead of your new messiah, you’ll have to get over it, or take the door on the left, be sure to shut it on your way out. 
I’m trying to bring a PRINCIPLED message of liberty to 1.7 billion people across the globe, the facty a Johnson /Weld ticket was possible has already done an untold amount of damage to what i am trying to do, and i will be damned if i will burn the whole thing to the ground to support two republican inflitrators that sound more like Bush/Cheney than Hospers/Nathan


Steve Scheetz
Pennsylvania delegate

To those NOT happy with the Libertarian Party nomination of President and Vice President, and were not here.
I felt the pulse of the delegates during the presidential debates, and what I saw told me that Gary Johnson would win during the second round…. (I continued to work for Darryl W. Perry, of course, but Johnson’s support in that room was really strong)
Here, on the convention floor in Orlando, we had over 1000 delegates seated. There were a few, but not many empty seats due to some states requirements for qualifying to be delegate. In the PA delegation, we had 42 slots, and 42 were filled with several alternates sitting here with us INCLUDING D Frank Robinson, (and I am proud to have been able to offer one of the founders of the Libertarian Party a credentialed delegate seat in our delegation)
I lobbied other delegations on the floor for Will Coley and Larry Sharpe, because Will and Larry were the two Libertarians in the race. We worked this long and hard, but the Johnson Weld support did not waver enough. HOWEVER there were those who left the floor when their presidential candidate did not win leaving empty delegate slots. Slots which were not able to be filled. YES, we had the largest attendance in the HISTORY of LP conventions, Weld won with 50.5% of the vote, but we had empty delegate seats, and many of the people who left were NOT Weld supporters.
If only a few more of you could have been there to help shape the decision of the convention body….
On a side note, Will Coley, who I was PROUD to nominate for Vice President, was a class act when he asked me to help him leave the race before round 2 voting so he could throw his supporters to Sharpe.
Finally, I would like to say that we STILL have an opportunity to push the Libertarian Message. Even if you do not like what you see at the top of the ticket, there are local candidates, many of whom share your philosophy, many of whom will work to share what being Libertarian actually means! Help us, even if you do not wish to help them! Now is the time to come together as Libertarians and work to continue that which we all know is an ultra marathon project, and that is telling people that they do not need government to tell them how to live their lives or spend their money. 
I long for the day when Government becomes obsolete, but that day is not tomorrow. Johnson / Weld is NOT a perfect ticket, in fact, it is not really a good ticket, but it is the ticket that was decided. There is more than enough blame to go around, and NO, I will not go there. but I will say that we have a lot of work to do, not much time to do it. We need to come together as Libertarians and finish what we started! My name is Steve Scheetz and I am running for LNC At Large!

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