Governor William Weld wins Vice President on Libertarian’s second ballot

31 May
Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld was narrowly nominated with 51% of the vote on a very close second ballot to be the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential candidate.  He beat a relatively unknown, but well spoken and photogenic African American libertarian from New York, Larry Sharpe, who got 46% of the vote on the second ballot.

While Libertarian delegates to their nominating convention in Orlando were listening to endorsements of their vice presidential contenders, Donald Trump weighed in, charging that Governor William Weld, was too fond of happy hour.
Trump was probably not trying to hurt – or help – Weld’s chances with the Libertarian delegates – and with American voters who are fond of cocktails – but instead trying to pay Weld back for comments comparing Trump’s immigration policies to Kristallnacht.
Weld failed at 4:30 pm to win the LP nomination on the first ballot, as Gary Johnson had failed to win on the first ballot earlier, also receiving only 49% of the vote.  Larry Sharpe, the only African American running for either the presidential or vice presidential nods, was second with 30%.
Running against Weld were several candidates:  Alicia Dearn, a West Coast ballot attorney who had worked on Johnson’s 2012 campaign; Larry Sharpe, a motivational speaker from New York;  William Coley, a Muslim convert  from Tennessee who founded Muslims for Liberty and hosts an Internet radio show, “Call to Freedom;” and Derrick Grayson, a minister.
Judd Weiss, a Los Angeles commercial realtor had dropped out before the voting because his preferred presidential candidate, McAfee anti-virus creator John McAfee, was not nominated.  After the first ballot, Coley announced he would drop out to throw his support to Sharpe before a second ballot.
Between the first and second ballot a somewhat befuddled national committee member, Jim Lark, a mathematics professor from Virginia, attempted to manage the convention to provide a break to national chair Nicholas Sarwark, a Colorado attorney.  During this time a heavy set male, who appeared to be an amateur, somehow gained access to the main stage and seemed to be about to rap, or perhaps lead delegates in calisthenics.  He then began stripping, all of which was available to C Span, which broadcast the convention.  Convention delegates then discussed suspending or revoking the LP memberships of the stripper and anyone involved.

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