"Liberty Conservatives" vs Libertarians

19 Oct

Lionel Jefferson Griffith to 

The goons at Liberty Conservatives just *unsuccessfully* attempted a Trojan Horse takeover of the largest liberty/Rand Paul group on Facebook: Making Friends Through Rand Paul. Thank goodness I was able to warn the owner (a great lady) before it was too late. 
I will name names. Rocco and Jebby, via their ally Mark Wilmoth, were able to recruit a troublesome admin (Jim Taylor) to their cause. Taylor’s first step was to get me out of the way. He removed me as an admin, removed me from the group, and then banned me from the group after I was let back in. 
Then they offered the owner a position with their site in exchange for admin positions. I have no doubt they would have removed her given the chance. As I have mentioned, they removed me from my own page, so I am so happy that this was quashed. 
My resolve to take down these hacks has never been stronger.

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