Libertarian supporters to Party on Saturday

10 Dec
The Libertarian National Committee will meet this weekend, December 10-11, in Alexandria, Virginia.
Meeting details, including the agenda and committee reports are posted here
The LNC will attempt to stream the meeting live. Be advised that broadcast quality has sometimes been low and intermittent.
There will be a party at the Libertarian Party headquarters Saturday night. The party will feature brief comments from LNC Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, LNC Alternate, Larry Sharpe, and LNC Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra.
Details below.
You are invited
to an end of the year
2016 has been a record-breaking year
for the Libertarian Party!
Celebrate with fellow-Libertarians at
Libertarian Party Headquarters 
1444 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA
December 10
7 PM to 10 PM
Barbecue, wine, beer, and desserts will be served.
Tickets available here,
$15 in advance or $20 at the door.
The LNC will meet earlier in the day.
For info on hotels and transportation, click here.
Your event attendance authorizes the Libertarian Party and its contractors, licensees, and assignees to: make recordings and reproduce, distribute for sale or otherwise make derivative works; transmit, display and publicly perform recordings, transcriptions and derivative works in any medium containing your image and/or statements made at the event; telecast, air, and post all recordings and images on Libertarian Party, contractor, licensees and assignees websites, printed publications and any other publishing medium without any compensation or other benefits due.

Nicholas Sarwark

Larry Sharpe

Arvin Vohra

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