Senate adjourned with no new Obama FCC nomination

10 Dec
We won! 
Last night the Senate adjourned for the year without reconfirming Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel…
….which means next year Democrats will not have a majority on the FCC no matter what Tom Wheeler does!
This victory is huge. A conservative FCC means that Obama’s “net-neutrality” regulations (including the coming massive new broadband tax) are officially on the chopping block!
When I first heard of the scheme to confirm Rosenworcel during the lame duck session, risking a Democratic FCC well into Trump’s presidency, I was told that the vote couldn’t be stopped and was a “done deal.”
But American Commitment members like you had other ideas!
Thank you so much for everything you did. I am extremely grateful for all of the posts you made on social media, the roughly 17,850 letters that you sent to Congress, and for chipping in whatever you could afford so we could reach out to more patriotic Americans like you.
Believe me when I say that our victory really shocked the establishment. I have never been more proud of our American Commitment team — your rapid response made a huge difference this week.
Thanks for all you do.
Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment
P.S. As we head in to 2017, I hope to build on our momentum to stop the net-neutrality broadband tax as fast as possible and to ensure that FORMER FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler resigns in accordance with precedent. If you can, click here to help us grow our team.

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