Hillary supporters are medicating their butt-hurt by overeating

20 Jan

Fellowship of the Minds

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Nov. 8 election, Democrats are in a collective meltdown, blaming everybody and everything instead of Hillary and themselves.


Some, like actress Olivia Wilde, indulge in empty gestures like cutting her hair so she wouldn’t look like Melania Trump, as if anyone would actually mistake her for the new First Lady.

Others, like students at Michigan Law School, comfort themselves with coloring sheets, play dough, Legos and bubbles.

Others, like Hollyweird screenwriter Eirene Donohue, break down into crying fits even weeks after the election.

Others are doing passive-aggressive Christmas this year by giving “revenge Christmas gifts” to families and friends who’d voted for Trump — cash donation to liberal causes and organizations, in lieu of actual gifts.

Others, like gay attorney Daniel Goldstein, scream at Ivanka Trump and get thrown off Jetblue.

Still others go into…

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